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Who will receive and sign for my packages at Shopfans warehouse?

Several Shopfans employees are responsible for accepting incoming orders. At the Delaware warehouse your packages will be signed for by Kam and Wright. At the Pennsylvania Shopfans warehouse Kam Puth, Christian Mojica, Elving Pagan, Melinda Ouch, Santos, Vinnie Son, Ricky, Neille, and Bill will take care of your incoming orders.

If you tracked your order and it looks like some other individuals signed for your package and within 24 hrs your order hasn’t appeared in your account, we recommend to contact our Customer Service team.

Contact Shopfans

You can always contact Shopfans at if you have any questions or concerns.

After sending us an email you will receive   an automatic message confirming receipt of your message. Please check you junk mail if you haven’t received an automatic response from Shopfans. We recommend to use email accounts registered on Gmail, Hotmal etc. for online correspondence with Shopfans.

One of our customer service team members will contact you within 24 hours (please note the time difference between Australia and the US).

We are happy to hear from you if you have a feedback about Shopfans service as well as will be happy to help you to resolve any issues with your orders or parcels!

How to make a claim

All claims/complaints about  packages that miss items, damaged goods, bad quality of packing, etc. must include the following information when you contact Shopfans:

  • a photo of Shopfans box before opening (how you received it)
  • a photo of the packer’s initials – they are usually written on top of the box
  • the missing item  store order confirmation that includes the tracking number
  • the weight of all the items from the same order
  • other information/order details that you deem important

Please do not dispose of  Shopfans box until the problem is resolved!

Why use Shopfans if Amazon provides international shipping?

Although Amazon offers international shipping for many items it usually does not offer international delivery for all items listed. For those where international shipping is available you may notice that in most cases it’s still cheaper to use Shopfans to ship internationally.

Shipping of multiple items in one box is cheaper

Usually it’s cheaper to ship from US to Australia one large and heavy package than several light ones. When shipping your purchases to Shopfans warehouse you pay for delivery only once, i.e. when paying for your large consolidated box. So, team up with your friends and family members and save!

Tip: you can transfer packages from one Suite to another at no cost at all! Cooperation has never been easier.

Shopfans international shipping rates are lower

Last but not least, international shipping options provided by Amazon’s vendors are higher than shipping rates we offer. This is because we get the best rates from our partner delivery companies due to large amount of shipments.

I ordered multiple items, can I consolidate several items in one parcel?

You can consolidate several items and ship them in one parcel. In order to do that, simply go to your account, select the items you want to consolidate, select address, insurance amount (optional) and delivery method and click on Pack Shipment if you want your parcel to be packed right away or on Save Draft if you would like to edit it later.

During consolidation we will remove seller’s packaging. However, we will keep manufacturer’s packaging unless you instruct us to remove it to minimize shipping cost. We securely wrap fragile items and toys in bubble wrap.

Keep in mind when choosing method of delivery that we will use shipping boxes based on carrier’s size & weight limitations. Items that do not fit in one box will be returned to the warehouse storage.

Why use Shopfans?

What are the main advantages of online shopping in the US with Shopfans?

Imagine you’re browsing Amazon site and stumble upon a really great dress, or the latest cool gadget. You pick it, get out your credit card, and click «buy.» And that’s when you realize that Amazon doesn’t ship this item internationally and/or the shipping cost to your doorsteps is too high. With Shopfans you can buy any item on Amazon as if you are located  in the US. We offer you two shipping addresses in the United States. These are secure warehouses that you can send your orders to — one in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware.

In Pennsylvania there is NO sales tax on clothing and shoes.
In Delaware there is NO sales tax on accessories, toys, books, or electronics.

When you buy from Amazon you are paying for the goods, sales tax, and for international delivery which can be very costly if you add it up. Shopfans offers you the chance to order from many different stores and consolidate them all into one sturdy box to significantly cut those delivery costs. It is much cheaper to send one large, heavy package, than many small, light ones.

On top of the above advantages,  Shopfans global shipping methods are much cheaper compared to direct delivery options provided by Amazon vendors.

Is it safe to shop and pay online?

How safe is it to pay online and what can you do to minimise the risk of online fraud?

Today’s online payment methods are deemed safe enough for Internet shopping.

What are the most common myths of online payments?

Myth #1. Once I enter my bank details into the system, they will automatically become available to online scammers who will hack my bank account and steal my money.

This is wrong. Payment methods used by US online stores are protected from scammers and safe.

However, be sure to use online stores with good reputations and online retailers recommended by Shopfans. Also, look out for the little green padlock in your browser which indicates that your connection to a website is secure.

Myth #2. The seller will charge me but won’t ship the item

American online stores value good reputation and will never knowingly cheat their customers. If you want to make sure that the seller is 100% legitimate, browse the seller’s website find Contacts or Find Us page and make sure that the seller has online Customer Service, contact details, Facebook or Instagram page and that it is located in the United States.

Myth #3. The store will mess up my order and send me the wrong item

Unfortunately, due to human factor these things happen. That’s why Shopfans recommend that you let us take photos of your items when they arrive at the warehouse. In case of mistake you would be able to send the complaint to the seller and the issue would be quickly resolved. In most cases merchants will send you the correct item or issue refund ASAP.

What can I do to make online shopping process safe?

— Get an account that you will only use for online shopping. This will allow you to easily monitor your payments.

— Don’t keep all your money on the account you use to shop online. Put money across to this account only when you plan to buy something.

— Alternatively, set daily transaction account limit which normally can be easily done on your bank’s website or over the phone.

— Set SMS-notifications for your bank account. This way you will automatically be notified of any transaction.

— Always look out for the little green padlock in your browser indication that the website is secure.

— Never disclose your pin-code to anyone and don’t keep all your online credential in the same place.

— Use prepaid credit cards available in most of supermarkets and post offices, such as Prepaid cards guarantee safety of your bank account.

— Get a PayPal account which will make your transactions 100% secure. PayPal has a very strict Buyer Protection policy and allows you to get the money back if your item doesn’t arrive as planned.


If you use a non-US credit card to pay for your purchase, a seller may ask you to verify bank details. This is a standard procedure in in most cases only required once.All you need to do is email seller a document with a proof of your name and address.

Don’t panic in case you get double-charged within several days after you placed you order. As a matter of fact, in most cases it means that your bank simply held payable amount and within 30 days or less your money will become available. Oftentimes it takes only one phone call to the bank to release the money.

Why do I need two addresses in different states?

In the United States, there is no uniform GST or VAT, and amount of tax a buyer will pay depends on the individual state. In case of online shopping, the amount of tax depends on the state where the goods are shipped to and adds 7-10% (and up to 15% for goods that are considered luxury).

Now good news:

Our warehouse is located in Pennsylvania, where there is no tax on clothes and shoes.
We also have a receiving center in Delaware with no sales tax at all!

So you can ship clothes, shoes and most orders directly to Pennsylvania and electronics, cosmetics, home goods, etc. to Delaware and pay no US sales tax whatsoever!

Folcroft Warehouse Wilmington Warehouse

What are customs limits in my country?

Tax-free threshold for Australia is AUD1000 for packages not containing alcohol or tobacco.
Belarus — 200 EUR
Belgium — 74 EUR
Brazil — 50 USD per package
Canada — Any item mailed to Canada is potentially subject to duty and taxes. Therefore, unless specifically exempted, you must pay the 5% GST on items you import into Canada by mail. There is no additional duty on any goods worth $20 CAD or less or gifts worth $60 CAD or less.
China — 1000 CNY (153 USD)
European countries: France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. — Gift exemption for items that are under 45 EUR
Israel — 75 USD
Japan — In most cases, goods valued at less than 10,000 yen ($110-$120) are exempt from consumption tax.
Netherlands — 22 EUR
New Zealand — All items will be liable for Customs duties and charges when they arrive.
Russia — 1000 EUR per month
Ukraine — 150 EUR per shipment
United Kingdom — 15 EUR

If your country is not on the list, please contact Shopfans to find out customs limit in your country.

Photos of incoming orders

Learn how to request photos of incoming orders

If you want to make sure the seller sent exactly what you had ordered and that all purchased items are not defected, etc.,  you can request  photos of incoming orders as an extra service. Shopfans staff can take one or more pictures of your items depending on the quantity of the items in the order. You will be charged a flat rate  regardless of the number of the pictures.

You can request photos directly from your account — just look out for a little camera symbol on the right hand side of each order.


Simply select the right order, click on the  camera symbol, pick the type of photo you require and click on «Submit» button.

There are 4 types of picture requests you might need:

Address label — $1
Invoice — $1
Discount codes, coupons (for example, Gymbucks) — $1
Contents of the whole package (one or more photos) — $3.

The photos will be uploaded to your account within 24 hours  (excluding weekends). Keep in mind that once the order is sent to the consolidation, this option will become unavailable.
Sometimes you might need to save taken at the warehouse photos without losing their quality. It’s easy, just follow steps from our gif instruction.

*Note: We cannot check or verify contents of your orders.

What are weight and size limits for parcels?

The maximum dimensions and weight for parcels depend on the method of delivery:

  • Priority Mail Express: max. length — 105 cm, length+girth — 200 cm, weight — 29.9 kg
  • Priority USPS: max. length — 91 cm, length+girth — 200 cm, weight — 29.9 kg
  • DHL Australia: max. length & length+girth — unlimited, weight — 68 kg
  • Shopfans Australia Mail: max. length — 105 cm, length+girth — 140 cm, weight — 19.9 kg
  • Airmail: max length — 24 inches, max value — $200, max weight — 2kg

    Please make sure to carefully read all information you see in your account when preparing the parcel for shipment to avoid disappointments.

    If you are unsure whether your are able to ship your item using the shipping method you selected, we recommend to contact the seller and confirm shipping dimensions of the item before placing your order.

What is my shipping address in the US?

Upon registration at Shopfans, each customer receives their shipping address in the US. You will be using this address at checkouts when placing orders at Amazon.

An important part of the address is a suite (STE), your virtual “apartment” located in the United States. A STE number is unique; it helps Shopfans warehouse staff to correctly identify the owner of the incoming purchases.

Note: Your Shopfans address is not a PO BOX address.

How does Shopfans process incoming orders?

We identify all incoming orders that arrive at our warehouse by their suite number, i.e. a unique account number of each of our customers, a part of U.S. address that customers receive upon registration at our website and provide to online stores during checkout.

Order tracking numbers that customers enter into the system when registering the purchase also help us to identify owners of each arriving package. Don’t forget to register each order if you want to get it quicker! After a package has been identified, we weigh and label it. Next, the package gets sent to our storage. This is when we notify you about the arrival of your order.

What shipping options are you offering?

Our customers from Australia can take advantage of Shopfans Australia Mail with average delivery time of 10 days and no dimensional weight surcharges.

You can estimate shipping costs by entering weight and dimensions of the package you would like to ship into Shopfans online shipping calculator. We suggest that you try to estimate shipping costs before placing your orders at Amazon. If you are unsure about the weight and the shipping dimensions of the desired item(s), you can search it on Google or check if the item is listed on Amazon (usually Amazon listings have all necessary shipping information in the description section).

What is my US shipping address?

You can find your US shipping address, i.e. the warehouse address where you will ship your purchases to, on our website. Simply login to your Shopfans account to find out more. Upon registration on our website, you’ll receive two addresses: one in Pennsylvania and in Delaware.

In Pennsylvania there is no tax on clothes and shoes.
In Delaware there are no sales tax at all.

An example of how your US addresses look like (Remember that STE number is unique for each customer. For instance, this customer’s STE number is 343051):


How to fill out Customs Declaration?

To fill out the declaration, go to your account and try to repeat the steps from the video below

These are important tips how to fill out Customs Declaration.

The sum of all items in the Declaration form should not exceed $2500 (this is a maximum allowed amount of one consolidated box to be shipped out of the United States).

This is our recommendation how to fill out Customs declaration form:

— Any information you include in the declaration form should always be in English

— You need to only include items’ description (jeans, t-shirt, etc.)

— Don’t include detailed information about items (for example: color, canvas, etc.)

— If you bought several similar items from the same or different stores, then, you should group them into one section.

For Example: you have one yellow umbrella ($10) from store A, one green umbrella ($15) from store B, and one grey umbrella ($20) from store C. So, it would look like this on the Declarations form – Item: Umbrella, Quantity: 3, Price: $45

— Please try not to ship more than 5 identical items in one box. If you have 10 identical t-shirts, don’t fill in as «T-shirt – Quantity: 10», it’s is better to split it into 2 or 3 sections — «T-shirt – Quantity: 5» and «Top – Quantity: 5»

— All prices should be in US dollars

What is STE number?

STE (Suite) — an important part of you shipping address, figuratively speaking, it’s your apartment number at Shopfans warehouse. Each STE number is unique. By STE number we determine who is the owner of the package. Shipping address with your STE number must be specified when placing orders with Amazon.

Shopfans STE

Return a purchase or part of a purchase

How to return a purchase

*Returns are available only for purchases that have not been consolidated yet.

You can ask Shopfans to  return a purchase on your behalf by emailing us at with the subject «Return/Partial Return» and the purchase number (or a tracking number).

  1. Please check the store policy on returns before requesting return. If the store offers a prepaid shipping label, this will cost you extra $8. A prepaid shipping label can be found in the original order, in your store account, or must be requested from the seller. Please attach the label as a .jpg, .doc, or .pdf in your emai.
  2. If we need to create a shipping label, we will charge you  $10 + UPS Ground shipping (starting from $15 and depending on weight and destination)
  3. Please send us the store’s return address.

** If you are receiving a shipping label from Amazon, please choose «UPS Drop-off», NOT «UPS pickup»

For partial returns (this also applies if you need to combine 2 or more purchases into 1) there is an additional fee based on the weight of the purchase:

1 – 10 lbs — $3
11 – 20 lbs — $5
21 – 30 lbs — $10
31 + lbs — $15
So, if you need to return 2 items from a purchase that weighs 10 pounds, the return price will be $10+$3+UPS Ground shipping (about $15).

IMPORTANT! If the return is not paid for within  7 days, we will be forced to VOID the shipment and donate the items to charity.

Can you chek-in my order on a priority basis?

Q.: Can you process/register my order on a priority basis?

A.: Unfortunately, we can’t check-in our incoming order as a priority. All incoming orders arrive in bulk, and it is nearly impossible to find a particular order among others and register it on a priority basis. All incoming orders get checked in on a first come, first served basis when they arrive at the warehouse. On average,  processing time for incoming purchases is less then 24 hours.

What if Amazon does not accept my Australian credit card?

If the Amazon does not accept your Australian credit card, please contact a Shopfans representative who will be willing to help you. The best way to contact us is via live chat. In most cases, we will be able to help you to find out at which stage of the payment process the money got stuck when you tried to pay for your item.

If that does not work, and you are still not able to make a purchase with your Australian credit card, the only option is to use a private shopping assistant who will place the order on your behalf using their American credit card.


For your reference, we have contacts of a trusted agent — see details below. The agent can place the order(s) according to your instructions using her American credit card(s) if the store does not accept yours and get the orders shipped directly to Shopfans warehouse.

*Please note that this contact is for our reference only

Yulia Patriacca
Yulia Patriacca is shopping assistant who can help you to pay for your orders.

Send your order with direct links and needed parameters for each item (size, color, etc.) to

Write in subject line: only bank — shopfans

Commission: 4% of total amount, but not less than $15 from one store and not less than $1 per item.

Only PayPal payments are accepted.

Skype: Patriacca

What payment options are available?

Shopfans offers several payment options:

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards and PayPal.

There is a different processing fee for each method:

PayPal — 3.6%
Visa/Mastercard — 3.5%

How to remove shoe boxes, catalogs, etc. from the parcel?

If you want to reduce the weight of your item by removing shoe boxes, free catalogs, invoices etc., make sure to select this additional option when preparing your order for shipment in your Shopfans account.


NOTE: Don’t forget to request pictures of promo codes and vouchers that seller might include in your order.

You can also request:

— Keep postal box (for extremely fragile items). Usually it’s not necessary since we use only new sturdy boxes, bubble wrap for fragile items and protective tape for all packages. All packaging materials are free for customers.
— Remove shoe boxes
— Plastic bag for additional protection
— Vacuum packaging: allows to reduce volume dramatically (think DHL, where you are paying for dimensional weight).

How to estimate shipping costs?

You can estimate shipping costs by entering weight and dimensions of the package you would like to ship into Shopfans online shipping calculator and selecting your preferred shipping method (see the difference between delivery options here — scroll down to the bottom of the page). We suggest that you try to estimate shipping costs before placing your orders at US online stores.

Export Policy and Export Restrictions Information

The U.S. Departent of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), and the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) administer export control regulations that affect some aspects of our business. We request that you (the «Customer») read and familiarize yourself with the following regarding certain applicable export regulations.

The sale, transfer, transportation, or shipment outside of the U.S. of any product prohibited or restricted for export without complying with U.S. export control laws and regulations, including proper export licensing, documentation or authorization, is strictly prohibited and may result in fines, penalties, and imprisonment.

Shopfans has implemented the Export Management and Compliance Program which protects all export control technical data, product, software or technology from illegal export as per the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and the Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) regulations. Shopfans will not engage in any transaction that requires illegal export of any products and will not assist directly or indirectly with illegal export or re-export of any products. Furthermore, Shopfans will not export shipments that require a formal government authorisation (i.e. export license, agreement, license exemption,etc.) or require Automated Export System (AES) Export Electronic Information (EEI) compliance. Below are some items that generally require a formal U.S. government authorisation:

Items listed below may require an export license, including, but not limited to, the following:

Generation 2, 3, or 4 Night Vision Equipment and Night Vision Accessories

Thermal Imaging Equipment and Heat Seekers

Optical Sighting Equipment and Tactical Lights (both Hand-Held and Weapon-Mountable), Accessories, and Mounting Hardware

Tactical Gear and Weapon Accessories


Military Apparel including Body Armor, Helmets and Helmet Accessories, and Shields (all Levels/Types)

Some Laboratory Equipment (e.g. spectrometers, certain rubber gloves, crucibles, etc.)

Some Electronic Equipment (High powered computers, integrated circuits used in many communication systems, gyros, accelerators, etc.)

Telecommunications products with high levels of encryption (e.g. network switches, LAN or WAN servers, cellular base stations, etc.). Off the shelf cell phones are generally okay.

Manufacturing Equipment (e.g. certain pipes, valves, pumps, generators generally used in the production or development of chemicals, gas & oil, energy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries).

Jet engine or aircraft navigation equipment (civilian and military).

Guns (all types) and accessories (e.g. scopes, stands, handles, ammunition, cases, silencers, etc.)


Important Export Restrictions Warning!

Export of items that require a valid export license, agreement or license exemption by Shopfans is strictly prohibited. These shipments will require special services that Shopfans does not provide. More information may be found in International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (22 C.F.R. 120-130) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (15 C.F.R. 730-774). See information from the website below.

Shopfans does not provide services for shipments that require a U.S. AES EEI submission.

Generally shipments that require an AES EEI Submission are:

Any shipment that need a formal U.S. government approval;
Having a value of $2500 or more for the same Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)/Schedule B (same type of item), in the same shipment, going to the same entity.

U.S. law prohibits sale, transfer, or export of items to certain restricted parties, end-uses, and embargoed countries, as identified on lists maintained by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Treasury. It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of these lists, which can be found on the below U.S. Government websites. By proceeding with any transaction, the customer confirms that the Customer will not engage in any unauthorised transaction involving export of Shopfans products to any restricted parties or destinations.

Restricted Parties

Shopfans will not execute shipments to individuals, companies or any other entity that are subject to restriction or denial of export privileges by any agency of the United States government, including without limitation by reason of being named on the Department of Commerce’s Denied Parties List or Entity List; the Department of State’s Debarred List; or the Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals List.

Prohibited End-uses

Shopfans will not execute shipments that contain hardware, software or technology that will be used for the development, production, stockpiling or use of weapons of mass destruction.

Sanctioned/Embargoed Destinations

Shopfans will not export items to U.S. embargoed or sanctioned countries. For a complete list of countries please refer to the EAR, ITAR and OFAC regulations. Most of the U.S. prohibited destinations are listed on the OFAC website (refer to link below).

For further information regarding the applicable laws, regulations, and policies contact:

U.S. Department of Commerce

Bureau of Industry and Security

Tel.: (202) 482-4811

U.S. Department of State

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

Directorate of Defense Trade Control

Tel.: (202) 663-1282


U.S. Department of the Treasury

Office of Foreign Assets Controls

Tel.: (202) 622-2480


I am interested in shipping a non-standard size item. Who can I talk to?

Shipping non-standard size items

Are you  interested is shipping  an item which exceeds shipping limits set by a delivery courier and/or the airline, but you are unsure whether it is possible? Is your item very large and bulky, or you want to ship items in batches to Australia?

Based on our experience, sometimes it’s still possible to get a non-standard size item shipped to your country despite shipping dimensions limitations. Please contact our support team, and we will be happy to help. Be ready to provide an Internet  link to the item you wish to purchase and other important details such as weight, dimensions, description, quantity, etc, and our warehouse specialists will answer all your questions about your shipping options and pricing.

Can several people use the same suite?

In order to save on shipping, you can team up with your friends and family members and share the same STE number at Shopfans warehouse. According to our clients, when several people use the same suite, their shopping experience becomes much more fun!

You can add as many names on the account as needed. We won’t charge you for that. However, they must be real persons. Using fake names is strictly prohibited.

Keep in mind that in some cases you as a primary account holder might be required to provide additional documents such as ID, invoices for your online purchases, proof of payments, etc. We can request the same documentation from the person who the owner of the account shares the suite with.

Shopfans packing/ What boxes does Shopfans use to pack my goods?

Shopfans packing is something we are very proud of! We use 23 types of sturdy boxes of different shapes and sizes to comply with the requirements of all delivery companies we work with. The weight of a box will be included in the total weight of your parcel. The bigger the box, the heavier it is.

The smallest box weighs between 0.3 — 0.5 lb whilst the heaviest carton weighs on average up to 5.5-8 lb.



For oversized items Shopfans packers can use individually made boxes.


Shipping optimisation: divide incoming purchase into several packages

How to divide incoming purchase?

To request this service, please email us at with the subject «Divide incoming purchase» and the purchase number.

  • Dividing small packages that weight LESS than 20 lbs:

Electronics and clothing (2-10 items) — $8 for every new part

Clothing (more than 10 items) — $8 for every new part (division of items is done randomly)

Therefore, dividing one package into two new purchases will cost $8, one into three -$16, one into four — $24…

  • Dividing incoming purchases that weigh over 20 lbs:

20 – 30 lbs — $10 per part
31 – 40 lbs — $15 per part
41 – 50 lbs — $20 per part
51 – 60 lbs — $30 per part

* We reserve the right to make price corrections depending on the difficulty of the division
** Please keep in mind that we do not divide products that require special tools

Information for sellers: if a buyer initiated Chargeback

If your buyer initiated charge back, please contact our customer support at as soon as possible. Your inquiry will be transferred to our fraud department, and one of our specialists will help you to resolve the issue and assist in getting your sold product back.

Shopfans  partner with Folcroft Police Department in order to decrease the number of fraudulent charge back claims and assist sellers.

How much does it cost to use Shopfans services?

The prices are as follows:

Create an account — $0
Monthly fee — $0
Consolidation — $0
Storage — $0 for 75 days (purchases) and $0 for 14 days (consolidated shipments)
Trasferring orders between suites — $0.
Incoming packages processing ($3 for packages under 1.3kg = 3lbs, $5 for packages over 1.3kg = 3lbs)
Shipping cost — To find it out, please refer to Shopfans shipping calculator

Some additional services you may want to use:

Keep postal box (for extremely fragile items): $0
Remove catalogues (invoices) — $0
Remove shoe boxes — $2 per incoming purchase
Plastic bag for additional protection — $3
Vacuum packaging — $0.50 for 1lbs (1 lbs=450 grams).
Insurance $3 for every $100 declared

Note: All prices are in US Dollars

Other fees:
PayPal – 3.6%
Visa/Mastercard – 3.5%

What if my payment hasn’t gone through?

Unfortunately, sometimes payments don’t go through, and this might be caused by issues on either your or our end. If you can see that your credit card/PayPal account has been charged but the payment hasn’t appeared in your Shopfans account, please contact our support team at and we will resolve the issue. Don’t worry, your money is safe.

Can I ship bulky, large or heavy items?

It is possible to  ship bulky and large and/or heavy items if the shipment method you had selected allows this.

To certain bulky items that occupy a lot of aircraft space volumetric weight rule might  be applied by the shipping courier to work out the cost of the shipping. For example, DHL would apply large package surcharge if the dimensional weight of your parcel is bigger than the actual weight.

Most of delivery companies use their own formulas to calculate volumetric/dimensional weight. We recommend that you contact us to inquire about  shipping calculation methods of the carrier you would like to use to ship bulky, large or heavy items.

If you are unsure whether you are able to ship your item using the shipping method you selected, we recommend to contact the seller and confirm shipping dimensions of the item before placing your order.

Oftentimes you can find this information on the website of the online store you buy from. For example, Amazon always provides information on shipping weight and dimensions of all items.

Tip. Even if you are not buying on Amazon,  we recommend to use their website to confirm weight and dimensions of a product you’re planning to purchase on another website.  Find the product on Amazon and simply click on Product Details under the Product Description to find  information about dimensions and weight of the item .  



Special requests for packers

Let’s say, you would like a certain item to be very carefully packed or you want to put all phones in one box, place a small suitcase in a bigger suitcase or pack cosmetics in separate plastic bags. All you need to do is email us your special request. Don’t forget to put «Notes for Packer» in the subject line.

Make sure you request this option before your parcels is scheduled for packing or while your parcel still has a «Draft» status. If you parcel is already being processed, we won’t be able to assist you with any special requests.  Note: Don’t send you parcel to consolidation until you get notification from our customer service that your note has been actioned.

How to avoid sales tax in the US when shopping online?

Shopfans allows you to legally avoid sales tax in the US

Legally avoid sales tax in the Unites States and save even more on shopping with Shopfans!

What makes Shopfans unique is the fact that we  have two storage facilities  in two different US states. This allows our customers to take advantage of local tax exemption and avoid sales tax. As a result, Shopfans customers who are able to avoid sales tax in the US typically save up to 10% when compared to online shoppers who use our competitors.

Shopfans warehouses (i.e. your Shopfans address)  are located in following states:

Pennsylvania: We recommend sending clothing and shoes to this warehouse since these items are tax-free here.

Delaware: This state is fully tax-free, so you can ship any items to this warehouse and avoid sales tax.

Shopfans warehouses are located less than an hour driving distance  from each other. Items that arrive at Delaware are usually moved  the same day to the main warehouse in Folcroft, Pennsylvania.

You can combine all your orders in one parcel, no matter which warehouse they have initially been delivered to. This does not affect the cost or the speed of delivery.

What items are prohibited for shipping?

Items prohibited for shipping

• Any flammable liquids or powders
• Antiques
• Aerosols
• Air Bags
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Ammunition
• Cigarettes or other tobacco products
• Dry Ice
• Explosives, including fireworks
• Gasoline
• Glues, paints
• Lithium batteries outside devices
• Matches
• Money, currency notes, coins, securities of any kind
• Nail Polish
• Perfumes (containing alcohol)
• Perishable items
• Poison
• Prescription drugs
• Precious stones in any form and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of jewelry
• Radioactive materials
• Seditious literature
• Seeds and parts of plants
• Thermometers containing mercury
• Used bedding
• Weapons and parts
• Other goods that are prohibited for shipping according to UPU regulations

Please also read Important Export Policy and Export Restrictions 

Vacuum packaging: learn how to save on shipping an protect your parcel

Vacuum packaging for Shopfans customers

Vacuum packaging is a method used by Shopfans to remove air from the package prior to sealing the box. Upon your request, our packers will make sure that you your item is packed in vacuum to reduce shipping costs and protect your valuable items from damage during shipping to Australia.

Vacuum packaging allows you to dramatically reduce the volume of your shipment (ideal for DHL shipping method, where you are paying for dimensional weight). It is best to vacuum pack plush toys, winter clothes, pillows, and blankets.Vacuum packaging provides 100% protection from moisture, therefore, it’s ideal for shipping items that might get destroyed on the way if the box gets wet, such as electroniccs. You can also request adding valuable items, gadgets etc. to the vacuum package.

Service cost: $ 0.50 per 1 pound (1 lbs = 450 grams) of items.

To order this service email us at with the subject «Vacuum packaging». This must be done BEFORE you hit «pack» button to consolidate your orders. Please include the order number that contains items for vacuum packaging and describe which things you want to pack. After you receive a response from one of our representatives, you can pack your box.

Order is not showing in the account. What shall I do?

Worried about why your order is not showing in the account? It may take up to 24 hours for your order to be processed after it had been physically delivered to the warehouse.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an email advising on what store the order arrived from, weight, and provide you with the tracking number. The status of your incoming order will change to “Arrived”.

For USPS packages please allow 2 more days, cause USPS employees change the status to «Delivered» when a package is being delivered to the local post office that serves our zip code, but not to Shopfans warehouse.

Please make sure that the order was delivered to the right address:

For Pennsylvania, it should say FOLCROFT, PA (sometimes it will be delivered to SHARON HILL, PA which is one town over and will be brought to our warehouse with a small delay).
For Delaware, it should say WILMINGTON, DE.

*Please remember that both our warehouses are is closed on weekends, so if an attempt was made to deliver your order on Saturday or Sunday, the post office will try again on Monday morning.

Our business hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 am till 3:30-5:30 pm, depending on the season.

At what stage can I make changes to the shipment ?

The below explains the stages at which you can or cannot make changes to the shipment.

Status Content Insurance Delivery address Shipment Method Manifest
Payment Required

If you would like to change the composition of your parcel, i.e. to add new items, remove or move items across to another parcel, you can use «Postpone consolidation» option.

Do you offer free storage at your warehouse?

Enjoy free warehouse storage of all your orders. At our warehouse, we offer free storage for all your purchases that haven’t been consolidated yet and incoming orders from US online stores for 75 days, and consolidated shipments for 14 days. All this is free of charge.

We will send you a reminder when the above terms expire. If you need extra storage time, you can contact us, and we will provide you with few more days of warehouse storage for free.

Information for bloggers: collaborate with Shopfans

If you are a blogger, for any business collaboration enquirers please contact us at

Please include the the link to your website, describe the way of collaboration you’re interested in and provide your contact information — and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


I can’t access my Shopfans account

If you can’t access your Shopfans account, we suggest that you  do the following:
— Try to login in 8-10 minutes
— Clear cache and cookies
— Switch to Google Chrome (in case you use a different Internet browser) and re-try to login

If the steps mentioned above didn’t help, contact Shopfans and we will try to help you to restore access to your Shopfans account.

Note: Our Risk Control department places great importance in security, therefore, in cases when we question  legitimacy of an account, we may request additional information from the account holder including documents confirming identity along with order details and payment confirmation.

What if Amazon changed my shipping address?

If Amazon automatically changed (deleted) the second line of your shipping address, try to fit the entire address in the first line. Most likely it will work.

If Amazon system automatically tries to change the street address from «Crossing» to «Xing» or the zip code from «19032» to «190322011» (or «19032-2011») for your US address in Folcroft, no need to worry. The purchase will get delivered to our warehouse without any problems. The most important thing is to make sure that your suite number is included.

If you are sending the purchase to our warehouse in Delaware and the store’s system changes Circle to CIR, accept it. If the store’s system tries to change the zip «19804» to «19804-1618», you can accept the changes as well- this will not affect the delivery of your purchase.

How long will it take to deliver the parcel?

Delivery time usually depend on the chosen shipping method and destination country/city. Parcels  sent via DHL get delivered faster than parcels sent with other delivery companies, that is up to 5 days. Parcels that are sent via Airmail are usually the slowest, and get delivered within 2-3 weeks. You can find out the exact delivery times in our calculator.

I ordered a prohibited item. How to remove an item from the shipment?

How to remove an item from the shipment

If you ordered something that you were not supposed to, don’t panic. You can remove an item from the shipment before we ship your parcel to you.  The service is mostly required for clients who did not familiarize themselves with the list of prohibited items or other shipping regulations for the chosen shipping method before placing the order.

If you wish to remove an item from the shipment, please email us at including «Remove an item from the shipment» in the subject line. Also, don’t forget to mention the shipment number and what items (description and quantity) you would like to take out. Please also attach photos of the items to avoid confusion.

The cost of the service depends on the weight of the packed shipment (consolidation) from which the items need to be removed:

0 – 10 lbs — $10
11 – 20 lbs — $20
21 – 30 lbs — $30
31 – 40 lbs — $40
41 – 50 lbs — $50
51 – 60 lbs — $60
61 – 70 lbs — $70

* This service may also be used to decrease the weight and/or size of your shipment.

** Please be advised that in some cases it may be required to deconsolidate your shipment, divide it, and then re-pack it at the warehouse (for oversized boxes).

Are Australian sizes same as American sizes?

Remember: Australian and American sizes of shoes and clothes are not the same!

Planning on buying some clothes or shoes in the US? Shopping clothes and shoes online on US websites can be frustrating if you don’t know how to convert American sizes to Australian.

Need some help figuring out which clothes size you are? Confused about international conversion charts? We made this easy for you!

Try Shopfans Calculator to find out what your estimated US size is. For  more precise sizing we recommend using a manufacturer’s (store’s)  size chart. For example, take a look at Jcrew size chart.

Another great resource for finding a correct size is a large online store 6pm. This website not only shows what real size the model on the photo wears and provides body measurements (just click on the last photo)  but also has a very useful Measurement Guide.

Make sure you know your US clothes and shoe size before placing your order as American sizes can be confusing!


Parcel’s/Shipment’s Statuses in Details

During its’ time at our warehouse, you will see the following shipment’s statuses in your account:

«New Box»

This status means that you have added orders to your new shipment and saved them in your account. You can still add/remove purchases, change the shipment method and address, and add packing options.


This status means that you have created a new shipment and the warehouse has received your instructions. At this stage you are still able to make adjustments.


The warehouse has begun consolidating your orders. Your purchases will be collected, packed, and then registered as one large shipment. At this stage you CAN’T make any changes or cancel your shipment. You can, however, purchase insurance.

Note: Shopfans packers use scanners to make sure all items in your parcel are packed correctly.

Shopfans packers use this scanner to make sure that all items are packed correctly

«On Hold»

This status indicates that there may be a problem with your shipment. We will send you a message if you have prohibited goods, some of the items arrived broken/spilled, or you need to change the service due to size/weight limits.


Your shipment has been packed and registered. At this stage you should double check that all information about shipment address and weight is correct. You will also be able to see if some of your orders did not fit onto one box due to weight/size limits. We are waiting for you to click «Ship».

«Payment Required»

If you pressed «Pack and Ship» without having enough funds on your account, you will see this status. Just transfer required amount to your account and press «Ship».


Your box is packed, registered, and paid for. This status means that your shipment is ready to be sent out in the next batch and we are preparing all necessary documents.


Your box has been transferred to the post office or to the courier company and is on its’ way to you! Congratulations! You will receive a tracking number within 24 hours.

When do I have to pay for shipping?

We will accept your orders from Amazon and process, consolidate and store them even if your account balance is zero or negative. Therefore, you don’t have to make any payments for your account until the moment when your items are consolidated and ready to be shipped.

Is there a monthly fee if I open an account at Shopfans?

There is no sign-up or subscription fee, or any other type of monthly fee, and no minimum balance requirements. You also don’t need to wait for approval or provide any documents or credit card details upon registration. You can start shopping right after the registration!

Find our detailed pricing here

Information for online sellers: discuss collaboration with Shopfans

Online Sellers & Collaboration

If you are an online seller, i.e. you own or run an online store, and would like to discuss  collaboration with Shopfans, or would like to get an insight on international markets, Shopfans might be a good solution.

If you you’re already selling internationally, and not happy with the shipping service, or if you’re not on international market but would like to expand your customer base, Shopfans might be able to help you. For any inquiries about our service or questions about international market and regions we cover, please contact us at and include «Cooperation Opportunities» in the subject line of your email.

Shopfans Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Privacy and Confidentiality

Shopfans respects  privacy and confidentiality right of its customers. We knows that it’s important to you how information about you is being used and shared. Privacy of our customers and confidentiality of their personal information are among our highest priorities.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


How long does it take to process my orders?

Processing of all orders includes receipt and registration of new incoming packages, re-packing and shipping out the packed parcel. Registration of new orders takes on average 1 business day after the package had been delivered. Oftentimes, registration only takes 4-5 hours. Consolidation and shipping together take another 1.5 days.

A parcel is ready for shipping. What’s next?

After we weigh and pack your items, we will send you an email to advise that the parcel is ready for shipping. After you receive the email, you should confirm a method of delivery, address, fill out customs declaration and chose insurance amount (if any).

After confirming all of the above, click Send button and pay for warehouse services and shipping. After your account has been paid, we will include your parcel to the list of packages ready for shipping. Your parcel will be shipped within the following 24 hours (excluding weekends), which will be confirmed by an automatic message.


Hours of Operation

Shopfans Hours of Operation

Our business hours are:

Folcroft Warehouse is opened 5 days a week. Shipping and receiving teams have the following hours of operation: Monday — Friday 07:30-3:30 EST.

Delaware warehouse is opened 5 days a week, Monday — Friday 08:30-14:30 EST.

During busy season we after hours and on weekends.

Our facilities are closed on the following US public holidays:

May 30 — Memorial Day
September 7 — Labour Day
November 26 — Thanksgiving Day
December 25 — Christmas
January 1 — New Year

Can I ship flammable liquids and aerosols e.g. perfumes, nail polishes etc.?

Shipping of flammable liquids such as perfumes, nail polishes, hair sprays, dry shampoos, etc. by air is prohibited.  Therefore, Shopfans do not ship these goods to Australia. Please keep this in mind before placing your online order.

View the full list of prohibited for shipping items.

If you’re not sure whether the item you want to buy is considered prohibited/restricted, please contact Shopfans first and provide the link to the product you wish to purchase.



What happens if I request to consolidate prohibited goods?

Please note that if you purchase an item from the list of prohibited goods, Shopfans will not be able to ship it to you. Our experienced packers would remove all prohibited items from the parcel. We will send you an email advising that your item had been seizures and give you two weeks to arrange a return to seller after which we will dispose of your item.

What happens after the order is paid for?

After you pay for your order, the following will happen:

1. Your bank will confirm the payment from your credit card
2. Amazon will send you an order confirmation with a list of purchased items, their total price, and the shipping address
3. Within 1-2 days (sometimes more) Amazon will pick all your items at its warehouse(s) and send it to Shopfans warehouse
4. Amazon will email you the shipping confirmation; this email is very important as it will provide a tracking number for you to check your package across the US.

On the page where you can enter your tracking number you can also check the weight of the package and compare it with the weight that will appear in your Shopfans account after it arrives at our warehouse.

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

To avoid delays during registration we recommend to register the tracking number in your account as soon as you receive shipment confirmation.

Finally, if you see that the tracking information states that the package has been delivered to our warehouse but it hasn’t appeared in your account within 24 hours, please contact us right away!

How to postpone consolidation?

If you decided to change composition of your parcel, i.e. to add new items, remove or move items across to another parcel, you are able to postpone consolidation of your parcel. You can postpone consolidation of one order for $5 regardless of its weight. However, you will have to resubmit customs declaration for all orders after the package appears in your account as an incoming order.

In case you want to postpone consolidation of two or more orders, you will have to pay for processing of all orders. For example, if you decided to put on hold consolidation of one parcel that consist of three orders (3.1 lb, 14 oz. and 2 lb), be prepared to pay $11 ($5+ $3+$3 accordingly).

In order to use the above option, email us at

Where is my tracking number?

We will email you your  tracking number in approx. 24 hours after your Shipment received  «Shipped» status. You can track the shipment directly from your account or on postal services and/or courier companies websites.

Note: For Shopfans Australia Mail tracking numbers are uploaded to accounts within 2 business days from the shipping date (weekends excluded).


Why does the weight of my order vary from the tracking info?

Oftentimes shippers provide not the actual weight of the item but the weight category (e.g. 1-3 kg). Next, carriers may use this estimated weight provided by the shipper for their records. We weigh all packages upon arrival using accurate and precise scales. USPS officers check the accuracy of our warehouse scales on a weekly basis, therefore, we guarantee that information about the weight of your item is accurate.

What are prohibited goods?

List of Prohibited Goods for Shipping

Any flammable liquids or powders
• Antiques
• Aerosols
• Air Bags
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Ammunition
• Cigarettes or other tobacco products
• Dry Ice
• Explosives, including fireworks
• Gasoline
• Glues, paints
• Lithium batteries outside devices
• Matches
• Money, currency notes, coins, securities of any kind
• Nail Polish
• Perfumes (containing alcohol)
• Perishable items
• Poison
• Prescription drugs
• Precious stones in any form and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of jewelry
• Radioactive materials
• Seditious literature
• Seeds and parts of plants
• Thermometers containing mercury
• Used bedding
• Weapons and parts
• Other goods that are prohibited according to UPU regulations

Please also read Important Export Policy and Export Restrictions 

How to add Amazon order to the account?

If you want to add a new order, follow these steps:

On the main website page press “Add New Store Order” button:

Enter the name of the store in the box, the tracking number and an approximate weight of your order. This will help to register your package much quicker as the tracking number will automatically link the order to a particular suite number. Please make sure that the tracking number is correct.


How to divide a parcels when the package is returned by Customs

When returned parcels need to be divided

Unfortunately, sometimes customs authorities may deem a parcel commercial shipment due to a large number of items in one box, similar items etc., and return such parcel to the sender (in your case, Shopfans warehouse). Don’t panic: we know how to divide returned parcels into several small packages and ship your purchases to Australia without complications.

How division of  parcels work

Dividing returned parcels  is service mainly for clients whose shipment returned to the Shopfans warehouse because of a «commercial shipment status» notification from the customs of the destination country.

The price for dividing returned parcels by Shopfans is determined by the weight of the returned parcels:

0-10 lbs — $5
11-20 lbs — $10
21-30 lbs — $20
31-40 lbs — $30
41-50 lbs — $40
51-60 lbs — $50
61-70 lbs — $60

*Please keep in mind that division of returned parcels that weigh more than 10 lbs will be done randomly (not by item description).

Shopfans Insurance — Protect your shipment

Get Shopfans Insurance to protect your parcel

For a piece of mind we recommend to insure your parcel before you send it to the long journey across the ocean.

You can get Shopfans insurance for your parcel in the amount of up to $1000. The amount of premium for each $100 equals $3. The amount of insurance cannot exceed the total (estimated) amount of all items in the parcel.

Shopfans insurance only covers loss of parcel (i.e. if the parcel hasn’t been deliver to the addressee within 3 months from the shipment date). The parcel will be deemed delivered if it has one of the following statuses in the USPS system:

«Delivered», «Delivered Abroad», At Foreign Delivery Unit», «Attempted Delivery Abroad» or “Customs clearance processing complete”
Shopfans insurance doesn’t cover damage to a parcel or certain items in a parcel as well as if a parcel has been seized at the customs or shipped to the wrong address.

If you have insurance and your parcel was not delivered within 3 months, email us at and include your tracking number. If your parcel is lost, we will refund you within 15 business days.

Shopfans does not assist in receiving insurance cover from USPS.

Can you receive my magazines/letters/catalogues?

Yes, absolutely, just remember to notify us in advance by contacting customer support, so that we don’t dispose of these  items while packing your orders. Please keep in mind that on a daily basis we receive hundreds of printed materials, therefore, we cannot guarantee that you particular letter/magazine/catalogue won’t get lost.

File a claim for lost USPS shipment

In the rare and unfortunate event that you do not receive your shipment in the allotted time frame, and the tracking information has not been updated for some time, we (as the sender) are able to file a claim on your behalf.

To request this service, please email us at with the subject «File a USPS claim»

Cost — $8 per phone call

*You can file a claim BEFORE the shipment is imported into the destination country. Please provide us with the following information:

Tracking number

Recipient’s full name

Recipient’s full address (including zip code)

Recipient’s telephone number

List of goods and quantity of goods (you may generalize)

The value of all goods

The delivery price (please do NOT include the warehouse services!!)

Shipment weight

Date of dispatch

For more information or to file a claim yourself, please refer to the USPS site:



*The phone call and/or claim does not guarantee that your shipment will be found, but usually USPS just needs a little push to get your package to you.

* Shopfans can not give you any specific answer on the delivery terms since USPS does not provide us with such deadlines.

* Shopfans doesn’t obtain compensation from USPS for parcels being lost and/or misdelivered and for any delays occurred. We recommend insuring each shipment in the unlikely event something does happen to your goods.