About Shopfans Australia

Shopfans is the easiest way to shop on U.S. Amazon from anywhere in the world.


We offer worldwide delivery methods by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in conjunction with state-mail of the recipient country, providing reliable, cheap, and fast delivery anywhere in the world.

With Shopfans, you can combine purchases  into a single parcel. We use the highest quality packaging materials and offer complimentary packing services and insurance options to make sure that Shopfans Customers save money and keep their purchases safe.

A distinctive feature of Shopfans is that we operate two storage centers in the United States, which are located in different states to take advantage of local state tax exemptions:

Pennsylvania: We recommend sending clothing and shoes because the state does not apply sales tax on these items.
Delaware: This state is fully tax-exempt, so you can ship any of your orders to this warehouse. Shopfans customers typically save up to 10% when compared with our competitors.

The two Shopfans warehouses act as a single system and purchases from different US stores can be received at both warehouses for free and without incurring time delays. Our multi-level warehouses are on industrial scale and allow us to store and process more than 30,000 parcels simultaneously. We have a specially designed and automated control system that guarantees the order processing, and allows us to pack and ship parcels within 24 hours.

The Shopfans Customer Support team operates a help desk and live chat that can provide answers quickly and accurately.

Thank you for using our service,
Shopfans Australia