Why Shopfans?

Shopfans is the link between international shoppers and US Amazon. The key component of our service is our warehouse located in a tax-free US state. This is where we process your orders and prepare parcels for shipping to Australia and the rest of the world. The mailing address you use for online purchases in the US is the address of our warehouse.

Save up to 10% of the purchase price with our warehouses located in the states with no sales tax.

Australian residents only have access to a small fraction of the items available on Amazon. There are 400 million unique products available to US buyers, and only 4-5% percent of those are available for delivery to Australia. For example, in the Women's Clothing and Shoes category there are over 14 million items and only 314,000 can be shipped to Australia. The same is true across across all other categories:

Save up to 10% of the purchase price with our warehouses located in the states with no sales tax.

Shopfans represents a unique opportunity for Australian shoppers to buy things directly on Amazon, accessing items that are otherwise unavailable.

New Year sales Save up to 90%
President Day Winter clothes blowout clearance
Summer extreme savings «Back to school» sales
Labor Day rollouts Home and Garden sales
Black Friday, Cybermonday

On top of that we offer 75 days of free warehouse storage to cover the entire sales season and let you get the most of your shopping experience. Once you’ve made all your purchases for the sale, we consolidate your orders into one parcel to save you even more shipping costs!


Why do we consider Shopfans’
warehouse our strongest asset?

Every day over 2,000 parcels arrive at our warehouse. Usually they get delivered by three to four UPS, FedEx and USPS trucks. Each of the trucks takes up to 40 minutes to unload, after which the parcels are loaded into our system. Our experienced registration specialists are able to register up to 50 parcels per hour!

2 mln.

Since 2010 Shopfans has processed over 2,000,000 packages

Each package has an address label with a unique tracking number which allows us to easily identify it. This is the number you use to track your package. If you have already registered your package into our system, it will take us just 30 seconds to process the order. If the order hasn’t been registered, our staff will manually enter the parcel’s info into the system. Every label contains the following information:

Tuesday after Black Friday is the busiest day for those who work at Shopfans warehouse. In 2014 we needed 12 trucks to deliver parcels weighing 20 tons.

Name and US Address of Customer Upon registration to au.shopfans.com, each customer receives his “US Address”. This is used at checkouts when placing orders in US online stores.

Suite Number The suite number is your virtual “apartment” located in the United States. We use the suite number to determine whom a particular package belongs to.

Index and State Purchases shipped to Delaware are not subject to sales tax. This allows our customers to save up to 11% of the purchase price.

Tracking Number This is the number you will use to track your shipment as it makes its way to our warehouse.

Encrypted Barcode Used to make processing faster by scanning the label without having to manually enter the number into the system.

Address label It shows customer's name and its US address, suite ID, ZIP code, state and package's tracking number.

All processed orders get delivered to our main warehouse facility of over 60,000 sq. ft. To ensure the safety of your packages, we place expensive and valuable goods in a special room with an enhanced security system. We also have a separate areas for large and bulky items such as furniture, car parts, musical instruments etc.

Our warehouse in Pennsylvania looks like from the inside:

The most expensive item ever shipped via Shopfans was a Tiffany necklace worth $29,000!

Customer Service Area Our customer assistants are available 24/7 to help you with any questions you need answered.

Greg’s Office A magical place where Greg and co. brainstorm ideas on how to motivate our packing staff.

Packing Stations During one shift up to 30 packers are carefully checking and packing your parcels.

Unloading Zone Where incoming and outgoing packages are loaded on to pallets to their next destination.

Order Shelving Normally we store orders on 2 or 3 bottom shelves so they are easy to reach. During winter sales season when the amount of orders is very high we utilise top shelves as well.

Registration of Incoming Orders This is where we enter package tracking number, weight, and the store name it comes from into the system.

Incoming Order Shelving All processed packages make their way here to await consolidation and further shipping.

Shopfans' facility in Folcroft, PA We process and ship packages from here. Our customer support team is located next to racks with packages.

The large size of our storage facilities allows us to offer you up to 75 days of free storage. This is important because it lets you to get the most of the entire US sales season and combine all of your purchases in one order to minimize shipping costs.

Tuesday after Black Friday is the busiest day for those who work at Shopfans warehouse. In 2014 we needed 12 trucks to deliver parcels weighing 20 tons.

Two specialists are responsible for preparation of your parcel for shipping, namely, the picker and packer. Pickers bring all orders of a particular customer to packers who then remove excess packaging, wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and place all orders in durable Shopfans shipping cartons. Branded packages We select boxes of appropriate shape and size. Also, we use Shopfans branded stickers so you know exactly who your packages are from at a glance.

Typically, we combine between 5 and 10 orders in one parcel. During this process the packer scans tracking labels of each order using a specialised electronic device to make sure that that every parcel is packed correctly. Watch a time-lapse of one of our packers hard at work to see this process in action below:

We select boxes of appropriate shape and size. Also, we use Shopfans branded stickers so you know exactly who your packages are from at a glance.

All Shopfans packers are 3D Tetris champions thanks to their strict trainer - Greg Tkacz. Greg started his career as a warehouseman at Walmart many years ago and today he knows all about effective utilisation of space and warehousing. His assistant Moni Keo monitors the speed of all packers.

Tape dispenser is required to securely assemble shipping cartons.

  • Greg Tkacz, Sr. Manager

    Greg’s presence will speed up any employee on the warehouse floor.

  • Moni Keo Supervisor

    “The Good Cop”, she is Greg’s right hand.

  • Amy Packer

    Amy has been with us since the very beginning. She coordinates the work of packers and assists new starters. Amy is a diligent teacher and fashionista to boot!

  • Lena Packer

    Lena is a daughter of our driver Kam. She is in charge of the room where we store the most valuable orders. She knows how to handle our biggest ticket items with expertise.

  • Solinda Packer

    Solinda is able to pack even the most complex orders quickly, while at the same time assisting others. She spends her free time with her 8 dogs.

  • Losa Packer

    Losa is Solinda’s sister. She used to play in a band. Often you’ll hear her singing Cambodian songs as she packs.

  • Ava Packer

    Ava is Greg’s favourite (unofficially of course) who is responsible for incoming mail and internal documents.

  • Maribel Packer

    Maribel is a young grandmother who adores her little princess granddaughter. She is a true art lover and a big fan of shopping.

  • Margarita Packer

    Margarita is one of our happiest packers. She processes all order quickly and always brings a smile to your face.

  • Shakira Packer

    This lady is a creative introvert. She is married to a Muslim and sometimes wears a burqa to work.

  • Carmen R. Brent Packer

    Carmen is very attentive and rarely talks while working (but when she does, you listen!). At the same time, she wears very bright clothes, so it’s hard not to notice her at the warehouse.

  • Neomi Packer

    Neomi is a kind and cheerful mother of three. She speaks Spanish and loves eccentric tattoos.


How do we deliver parcels?

Shopfans operates in collaboration with several large airlines. For our deliveries we book only direct flights from the US to Australia on both freight and passenger planes. On passenger aircrafts we move smaller packages that can fit in special cargo containers underneath the main compartment. To ship bulky items we use large cargo aircraft. These aircraft can easily move a piano or a sofa.

Cargo section Passenger and cargo aircraft.

Bulky but lightweight items are shipped by delivery companies using their ‘volumetric weight’ (also referred to as ‘dimensional weight’) that reflects a packages density - the amount of space a package occupies. Airlines do not make profit by carrying, for example, a large size container full of pillows that weighs 5 kg if the payment is made per kilo of weight. The airline would rather put 30 kg of heavy items such as books in the same sized container. Therefore, for shipping of bulky parcels, they apply a dimensional weight co-pay to best estimate the cost of shipping.

Cargo section of a passenger and cargo aircraft.

$10 Delivery of heavy
and compact items

Actual weight  500 g     Volumetric weight  1 kg

$15 Delivery of light
but bulky items

Actual weight  500 g     Volumetric weight  2 kg

All items shipped by air are subject to security checks before they can be loaded onto an aircraft. Such checks are performed by Transportation Security Administration representatives. The main goal of the TSA is to make sure no prohibited or restricted goods are smuggled from the US. Items like nail polish, aerosols, and lithium batteries separate from devices are among those people try to smuggle the most. Our experienced packers always remove such items from parcels so that there are no issues.

Prohibited and restricted items: flammable liquids, food, perfumes, tobacco products and weapon.

Upon arrival at the airport, parcels are subject to customs clearance where customs officers check whether customs duty needs to be paid. If the value of goods in one parcel is AU $1,000 or less, the goods may be imported free of duty, taxes and import processing charges. If the value of your order is over AU$1,000 though, don’t worry you will still get your goods, but please note that you will have to lodge an Import Declaration and pay the duty and taxes for your shipped orders.

Prohibited and restricted items: flammable liquids, food, perfumes, tobacco products and weapon. View full list.

$1,000 Australia
¥10,000 Japan
$0 New Zealand

To make sure Australian Customs does not stop your parcel please follow our recommendations:

  • Do not make false statements when filling in customs declaration

  • Do not ship a large amount of similar items in one parcel

  • Do not ship prohibited or restricted goods

  • Only ship goods in your own name

And remember that no matter where you are Shopfans is always here to help! Our Customer Support Specialists are ready to answer all of your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to assist you with any queries concerning delivery, payments, parcel tracking, and online stores. All you need to do to contact us is enter your query in the Online Chat box on our website!

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Select any delivery method that suits you! Shopfans have several delivery options that vary by delivery time and cost of shipping. Do you want to receive your parcel as soon as possible or send valuable or bulky items? Then select DHL as your method of delivery. Do you need to ship clothing or shoes, but are not in a rush to get them? Use Airmail or Shopfans Australia Mail, our most economical way to deliver packages.

Package weight



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