Once known for selling books only, today Amazon US is by far one of the best shopping resources in the world. If you haven’t tried to shop on American Amazon, we highly recommend to try! You will notice that US retailers offer thousands of products at much lower prices than in Australia. Moreover, you can find even better deals if you lookout for goods sold on Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse. If you chose to use a US parcel forwarder to receive your purchases and redirect them to your Australian address, you will get the most of shopping on Amazon!

Below are the TOP FIVE questions and answers about shopping on 

Q.: Can Australians buy on Amazon USA?

A.: Technically, the answer to the question “Can I buy from Amazon in Australia?” is YES. Australians can buy on Amazon US but they are limited in what they can purchase on Amazon due to shipping restrictions.

Several years ago most of items sold on Amazon were eligible for shipping to Australia. However, those days are gone; Aussies who regularly shop on Amazon USA might have noticed that most of Amazon sellers have recently stopped shipping to Australia.

In addition, if the sale has a status ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ (i.e. Amazon itself acts as a merchant) , the item might be shipped to your home country but, oftentimes, the cost of Amazon international shipping would be very high.



We recommend getting a virtual US address, i.e. an address of a parcel forwarder’s warehouse facility, and use it as a shipping address when shopping on Amazon. At Shopfans, we will be happy to assist you with your Amazon shopping! Once your item arrives at the warehouse, it will be handled with care, re-packed and promptly shipped to your Australian addresses.

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Q.: Does Amazon ship to Australia?

A.: Yes, both Amazon US and third parties (a.k.a. Amazon sellers) do offer shipping to Australia but  only on limited range of goods.

Please note: if you access «Amazon Global» version of the website, or tick  «Ship to Australia» to filter results on Amazon.com website, you will notice that the number of items available to you decreased drastically.  Even more so, you might learn that the item doesn’t ship to Australia at the very last moment, that is when you see a red warning notice  “This item doesn’t ship to Australia’ at checkout. How frustrating is that!

With Shopfans you don’t need to limit yourself to items that can be shipped to Australia only. Simply register on Amazon website and put one of your Shopfans addresses (in Pennsylvania or Delaware)  as your shipping address.  Your billing address would be the address linked to your credit card (most likely, your Australian address).

Now you are able to buy anything you like on Amazon, and Shopfans will take care of the rest!

Q.: How much does Amazon shipping to Australia cost?

A.:  As declared by Amazon , it offers «competitive» shipping rates on international shipping. However, from our experience, the cost of Amazon international shipping to Australia is usually very high. If you buy several items from different Amazon sellers, the costs will be even higher as your purchases won’t be eligible for combined shipping.

Oftentimes the cost of shipping to Australia is much higher than the actual cost of an item

Q.: Does Amazon offer combined shipping?

A.:  Amazon policy on combining items in one parcel is the following: when selling its own items and when possible, Amazon will combine items from multiple orders into the same package. This won’t change the amount of shipping you pay for each order and you will have to pay separate shipping charges for each of your orders (not more than the total amounts for all orders). 

When it comes to other sellers who trade on Amazon marketplace, it will all depend on a particular retailer and their delivery policy. In most cases you will have to pay postage fee for every purchased item. That may still save your money, which needs to be confirmed prior to placing your order.

Remember that if you ship from Amazon US to your Shopfans US address, shipping will cost much cheaper, and in most cases you will even be eligible for free US delivery. No matter how many items you bought on Amazon, you can ship them all to your American address which Shopfans will be happy to provide upon registration on our website!

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