Have you ever been interested in shopping in the United States, the world’s top shopping destination? We will tell you a little secret: you don’t need to travel to America to shop if you have a virtual US address. With your personal postal US address all sales, discounts and special events reserved for American shoppers become available to you too.  The best shopping in the world — at your fingertips! Make sure yourself.

Reason 1. US online stores are well-known for offering a large variety of goods, like in no other country, and you are able to shop US goods online just like locals do. All you need to start shopping is an American shipping address. Once you create an account on a freight forwarding company’s website (for example,, you will automatically receive a “fake” US address that you can use for online shopping. This way of shopping in the US is extremely popular among millions of overseas shoppers. More so, it has been successfully tested by almost 400 thousand Shopfans customers from all over the world.


Reason 2. You get instant access to US top brands or exclusive products manufactured for the US market only (for example, certain styles of your favorite Nike or Adidas shoes).


Reason 3. By buying in the US you can be ahead of the rest of the world as most of companies start selling products first in America (e.g., Samsung Note 5, Iphone, Luna 360 degrees camera).


Reason 4. Much lower prices are reserved for US shoppers only. This is easy to check by changing the destination country on a store’s website.


Reason 5. In addition, some forwarding companies including Shopfans offer so called “tax free US address”, i.e. a postal address in a US state where sales tax is not applied on certain categories or all goods. Shopfans offers its customers two tax free addresses — one in Delaware (100% sales tax-free state), and another one in Pennsylvania where state sales tax exemption applies to items of clothing and footwear.


Reason 6. Good quality of products (especially clothes and shoes) in comparison to what Australian retailers have to offer — large amount of Australian clothes has a “Do Not Dry Clean tag, i.e. poor quality of fabric. In addition, American sellers offer a variety of sizes, including non-standard sizes (remember how hard it is to find size 33 men’s pants which is one of the most popular sizes?)


Reason 7. US stores offer multiple discounts, deals and sales events — e.g. Black Friday, Christmas sales, Cyber Monday. Despite the biggest shopping “Christmas” — Black Friday — becomes more popular each year in many countries, those shoppers who have US postal address will still get access to the best US deals.


Reason 8. After receiving a US forwarding address, you will never get frustrated because of dealing with stores and sellers that don’t ship internationally. The amount of online stores with limited international shipping is still huge, but with your personal shopping address in America limited global shipping problem will be solved.


Reason 9. You won’t need to pay high rates on direct international shipping service (especially, when shipping small packages to Australia). Moreover, a large percentage of sellers offer free shipping to your American address. Why pay almost $19 for direct shipping of 6 small Colourpop lipsticks to Australia if you can pay only $10?

With a mail forwarder, all you’ll have to pay for is shipping from America to Australia, at discounted rates. By the way, you will get the best rate from a parcel forwarder if you purchase multiple items and consolidate them in one box. The more you ship, the lower your shipping rate per lb/kg could be.
Reason 10.You don’t pay a cent for having a virtual US address! We must stress that, unfortunately, not all parcel forwarders are so generous, but Shopfans will provide you with two 24/7 active postal US addresses for free. You can even share your American shopping address with your friend or family members.

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More details on how it works


Parcel forwarders provide their customers with a virtual US shopping address upon registration on their websites. This address is used for online shopping only (you need to enter this address as your shipping address in your account at online store).  Oftentimes,  warehouses hosting US shipping and postal addresses are located in tax-free states which allows to pay even less for purchases. Having USA mailing address in a tax free state will help you to save even more. For example, state California has the highest state sales tax in the United States, up to 10.00%. In Florida sales tax equals 6%. At the same time, sales tax in the state of Delaware is 0%.

Sales taxes when your shipping address is in Florida
Sales taxes equal 0 when your shipping address is in Delaware

US address format:


  1. — Your real name

  2. — Your shipping address including zip, state, city, street name, house/apartment number

  3. — Your phone number


Such address is an actual physical address where the warehouse of a freight forwarder is located. Just look at it as if you rent a mailbox from a parcel forwarder which comes with extras, that is somebody actually looks after your purchased items and handle them with care. In brief, an international mail service provider will be responsible for receiving your item, handling it (storage, re-packing etc.) and shipping it internationally to your doorstep. You will also be able to track your item.


The main benefit of using freight forwarders is the ability to consolidate purchases which is a very convenient money-saving option. Lipstick from Coloupop, your kid’s favorite toy from Disney store, Levi’s jeans from Amazon, Michael Kors bag, etc. can easily fit in one parcel. You would be able to ship them altogether even if you purchased all items in different online stores days (or even months) away. To cover major shopping events you have 75 days of free warehouse storage that will allow you to consolidate a parcel with orders purchased during most popular sales, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

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