MyUS  Alternative:  Good Parcel Forwarding Alternative Suggested

Regardless of whether you are a huge fan of online shopping or a person who buys on the Internet once or twice a year only, you must have heard about numerous advantage of online shopping in the US. More so, if you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with a parcel forwarding company called MyUS, and maybe have even tried their services. Needless to say, MyUS is one of the largest freight forwarders on the market. But  is MyUS the best option for Australians who want to shop in the US online and forward purchases to their home country? Is there any good MyUs alternative? Let’s give this freight forwarder a closer look.

MyUs has been around for several years. If you need a virtual so called «my US address» to shop on Amazon, US Ebay, Best Buy, and other websites without any restrictions, freight forwarders like MyUs will be able to provide you with one.

In the nutshell,  using any US freight forwarder as a primary «US address» will allow you to save on shopping since, as you probably heard, American retailers offer overall much lower prices than their Australian colleagues. In addition, big shopping discounts,  big selection of goods and access to items made exclusively for the US market is something that all non-Americans would enjoy.  Learn more about benefits of US postal address for shopping.

Freight forwarder MyUS claims: sign up for your «MyUS address» and save yourself a lot of money. However, after a quick review of what MyUS have to offer we found a number of weak points that, despite all promised benefits, would significantly lower the amount of money you could potentially save on US shopping and possibly give you extra headache.

First, your if you register on their website, your virtual «MyUs  address» will be located in the state of Florida. Well known for its beautiful beaches and warm climate, Florida also has a statewide sales tax of 6%. Thus, you will have to pay extra 6% for all your American purchases shipped to MyUS address.

To see the difference let’s have a look at the same order that was shipped to the  different, free of sales taxes, address.

Second, you will have to unconditionally pay sign up and membership fee for them to keep your MyUS account active. Sign up fee vary from $10 to $35. Monthly fee could be up to $25/month. This means that you will be charged up to $300 per year to keep your US address active, regardless of your shopping needs.

We looked into MyUS reviews, and noticed that one of the thing that frustrates MyUS customers is very limited free storage time. The freight  forwarder offers only 5 — 30 days of free storage (depending on the type of membership), after which you will be  charged $1/day for storing your items at the warehouse. When you waiting for a missing package (unfortunately, it happens in the real world…) or simply want to buy multiple items from different sellers at once,  the “$1 a day” fee may potentially turn into a large amount!

Another thing that frustrates MyUS customers is low quality of packaging. When a parcel travels thousands of miles across the ocean, customers want to be sure that their items arrive safe and sound. However, some MyUS boxes are not packed with the customer in mind: inefficient empty space with excess bubble wrap on top and no protection or padding  at the bottom of the box. As a results, there is a risk that some MyUs packages might not arrive intact.

What about MyUs shipping rates?  They are known to be among the highest on the market. To ship 2 lb/ 1 kg package to Australia will cost you minimum of $50 (providing you are paying $35/month for premium membership).  The most expensive MyUS shipping option will be UPS Worldwide Saver, which will cost Basic Account holders $80.95.

So, what is a good alternative to MyUS?

Looking for ways to ship your parcel to Australia within 5 — 10 day at low shipping rates, no annual fees, no consolidation or processing fees?? Look no further!

Shopfans is one of the leading US parcel forwarding companies that have been on the market for almost 10 years. Shopfans will provide you with a free US address in two sales tax- free states and safely ship your purchases to your doorstep.

We offer quick international shipping, variety of additional services at no cost or at low rates, secure packaging and 24/7 customer service.

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