Why use Shopfans if Amazon provides international shipping?

Although Amazon offers international shipping for many items it usually does not offer international delivery for all items listed. For those where international shipping is available you may notice that in most cases it’s still cheaper to use Shopfans to ship internationally.

Shipping of multiple items in one box is cheaper

Usually it’s cheaper to ship from US to Australia one large and heavy package than several light ones. When shipping your purchases to Shopfans warehouse you pay for delivery only once, i.e. when paying for your large consolidated box. So, team up with your friends and family members and save!

Tip: you can transfer packages from one Suite to another at no cost at all! Cooperation has never been easier.

Shopfans international shipping rates are lower

Last but not least, international shipping options provided by Amazon’s vendors are higher than shipping rates we offer. This is because we get the best rates from our partner delivery companies due to large amount of shipments.

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