What happens after the order is paid for?

After you pay for your order, the following will happen:

1. Your bank will confirm the payment from your credit card
2. Amazon will send you an order confirmation with a list of purchased items, their total price, and the shipping address
3. Within 1-2 days (sometimes more) Amazon will pick all your items at its warehouse(s) and send it to Shopfans warehouse
4. Amazon will email you the shipping confirmation; this email is very important as it will provide a tracking number for you to check your package across the US.

On the page where you can enter your tracking number you can also check the weight of the package and compare it with the weight that will appear in your Shopfans account after it arrives at our warehouse.

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

To avoid delays during registration we recommend to register the tracking number in your account as soon as you receive shipment confirmation.

Finally, if you see that the tracking information states that the package has been delivered to our warehouse but it hasn’t appeared in your account within 24 hours, please contact us right away!

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