Vacuum packaging: learn how to save on shipping an protect your parcel

Vacuum packaging for Shopfans customers

Vacuum packaging is a method used by Shopfans to remove air from the package prior to sealing the box. Upon your request, our packers will make sure that you your item is packed in vacuum to reduce shipping costs and protect your valuable items from damage during shipping to Australia.

Vacuum packaging allows you to dramatically reduce the volume of your shipment (ideal for DHL shipping method, where you are paying for dimensional weight). It is best to vacuum pack plush toys, winter clothes, pillows, and blankets.Vacuum packaging provides 100% protection from moisture, therefore, it’s ideal for shipping items that might get destroyed on the way if the box gets wet, such as electroniccs. You can also request adding valuable items, gadgets etc. to the vacuum package.

Service cost: $ 0.50 per 1 pound (1 lbs = 450 grams) of items.

To order this service email us at with the subject «Vacuum packaging». This must be done BEFORE you hit «pack» button to consolidate your orders. Please include the order number that contains items for vacuum packaging and describe which things you want to pack. After you receive a response from one of our representatives, you can pack your box.

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