Shopfans Insurance — Protect your shipment

Get Shopfans Insurance to protect your parcel

For a piece of mind we recommend to insure your parcel before you send it to the long journey across the ocean.

You can get Shopfans insurance for your parcel in the amount of up to $1000. The amount of premium for each $100 equals $3. The amount of insurance cannot exceed the total (estimated) amount of all items in the parcel.

Shopfans insurance only covers loss of parcel (i.e. if the parcel hasn’t been deliver to the addressee within 3 months from the shipment date). The parcel will be deemed delivered if it has one of the following statuses in the USPS system:

«Delivered», «Delivered Abroad», At Foreign Delivery Unit», «Attempted Delivery Abroad» or “Customs clearance processing complete”
Shopfans insurance doesn’t cover damage to a parcel or certain items in a parcel as well as if a parcel has been seized at the customs or shipped to the wrong address.

If you have insurance and your parcel was not delivered within 3 months, email us at and include your tracking number. If your parcel is lost, we will refund you within 15 business days.

Shopfans does not assist in receiving insurance cover from USPS.

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