Photos of incoming orders

Learn how to request photos of incoming orders

If you want to make sure the seller sent exactly what you had ordered and that all purchased items are not defected, etc.,  you can request  photos of incoming orders as an extra service. Shopfans staff can take one or more pictures of your items depending on the quantity of the items in the order. You will be charged a flat rate  regardless of the number of the pictures.

You can request photos directly from your account — just look out for a little camera symbol on the right hand side of each order.


Simply select the right order, click on the  camera symbol, pick the type of photo you require and click on «Submit» button.

There are 4 types of picture requests you might need:

Address label — $1
Invoice — $1
Discount codes, coupons (for example, Gymbucks) — $1
Contents of the whole package (one or more photos) — $3.

The photos will be uploaded to your account within 24 hours  (excluding weekends). Keep in mind that once the order is sent to the consolidation, this option will become unavailable.
Sometimes you might need to save taken at the warehouse photos without losing their quality. It’s easy, just follow steps from our gif instruction.

*Note: We cannot check or verify contents of your orders.

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