How to fill out Customs Declaration?

To fill out the declaration, go to your account and try to repeat the steps from the video below

These are important tips how to fill out Customs Declaration.

The sum of all items in the Declaration form should not exceed $2500 (this is a maximum allowed amount of one consolidated box to be shipped out of the United States).

This is our recommendation how to fill out Customs declaration form:

— Any information you include in the declaration form should always be in English

— You need to only include items’ description (jeans, t-shirt, etc.)

— Don’t include detailed information about items (for example: color, canvas, etc.)

— If you bought several similar items from the same or different stores, then, you should group them into one section.

For Example: you have one yellow umbrella ($10) from store A, one green umbrella ($15) from store B, and one grey umbrella ($20) from store C. So, it would look like this on the Declarations form – Item: Umbrella, Quantity: 3, Price: $45

— Please try not to ship more than 5 identical items in one box. If you have 10 identical t-shirts, don’t fill in as «T-shirt – Quantity: 10», it’s is better to split it into 2 or 3 sections — «T-shirt – Quantity: 5» and «Top – Quantity: 5»

— All prices should be in US dollars

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