How to divide a parcels when the package is returned by Customs

When returned parcels need to be divided

Unfortunately, sometimes customs authorities may deem a parcel commercial shipment due to a large number of items in one box, similar items etc., and return such parcel to the sender (in your case, Shopfans warehouse). Don’t panic: we know how to divide returned parcels into several small packages and ship your purchases to Australia without complications.

How division of  parcels work

Dividing returned parcels  is service mainly for clients whose shipment returned to the Shopfans warehouse because of a «commercial shipment status» notification from the customs of the destination country.

The price for dividing returned parcels by Shopfans is determined by the weight of the returned parcels:

0-10 lbs — $5
11-20 lbs — $10
21-30 lbs — $20
31-40 lbs — $30
41-50 lbs — $40
51-60 lbs — $50
61-70 lbs — $60

*Please keep in mind that division of returned parcels that weigh more than 10 lbs will be done randomly (not by item description).

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