How to avoid sales tax in the US when shopping online?

Shopfans allows you to legally avoid sales tax in the US

Legally avoid sales tax in the Unites States and save even more on shopping with Shopfans!

What makes Shopfans unique is the fact that we  have two storage facilities  in two different US states. This allows our customers to take advantage of local tax exemption and avoid sales tax. As a result, Shopfans customers who are able to avoid sales tax in the US typically save up to 10% when compared to online shoppers who use our competitors.

Shopfans warehouses (i.e. your Shopfans address)  are located in following states:

Pennsylvania: We recommend sending clothing and shoes to this warehouse since these items are tax-free here.

Delaware: This state is fully tax-free, so you can ship any items to this warehouse and avoid sales tax.

Shopfans warehouses are located less than an hour driving distance  from each other. Items that arrive at Delaware are usually moved  the same day to the main warehouse in Folcroft, Pennsylvania.

You can combine all your orders in one parcel, no matter which warehouse they have initially been delivered to. This does not affect the cost or the speed of delivery.

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