Can I ship bulky, large or heavy items?

It is possible to  ship bulky and large and/or heavy items if the shipment method you had selected allows this.

To certain bulky items that occupy a lot of aircraft space volumetric weight rule might  be applied by the shipping courier to work out the cost of the shipping. For example, DHL would apply large package surcharge if the dimensional weight of your parcel is bigger than the actual weight.

Most of delivery companies use their own formulas to calculate volumetric/dimensional weight. We recommend that you contact us to inquire about  shipping calculation methods of the carrier you would like to use to ship bulky, large or heavy items.

If you are unsure whether you are able to ship your item using the shipping method you selected, we recommend to contact the seller and confirm shipping dimensions of the item before placing your order.

Oftentimes you can find this information on the website of the online store you buy from. For example, Amazon always provides information on shipping weight and dimensions of all items.

Tip. Even if you are not buying on Amazon,  we recommend to use their website to confirm weight and dimensions of a product you’re planning to purchase on another website.  Find the product on Amazon and simply click on Product Details under the Product Description to find  information about dimensions and weight of the item .  



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