Are Australian sizes same as American sizes?

Remember: Australian and American sizes of shoes and clothes are not the same!

Planning on buying some clothes or shoes in the US? Shopping clothes and shoes online on US websites can be frustrating if you don’t know how to convert American sizes to Australian.

Need some help figuring out which clothes size you are? Confused about international conversion charts? We made this easy for you!

Try Shopfans Calculator to find out what your estimated US size is. For  more precise sizing we recommend using a manufacturer’s (store’s)  size chart. For example, take a look at Jcrew size chart.

Another great resource for finding a correct size is a large online store 6pm. This website not only shows what real size the model on the photo wears and provides body measurements (just click on the last photo)  but also has a very useful Measurement Guide.

Make sure you know your US clothes and shoe size before placing your order as American sizes can be confusing!


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