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Why use Shopfans if Amazon provides international shipping?

Although Amazon offers international shipping for many items it usually does not offer international delivery for all items listed. For those where international shipping is available you may notice that in most cases it’s still cheaper to use Shopfans to ship internationally.

Shipping of multiple items in one box is cheaper

Usually it’s cheaper to ship from US to Australia one large and heavy package than several light ones. When shipping your purchases to Shopfans warehouse you pay for delivery only once, i.e. when paying for your large consolidated box. So, team up with your friends and family members and save!

Tip: you can transfer packages from one Suite to another at no cost at all! Cooperation has never been easier.

Shopfans international shipping rates are lower

Last but not least, international shipping options provided by Amazon’s vendors are higher than shipping rates we offer. This is because we get the best rates from our partner delivery companies due to large amount of shipments.

Why use Shopfans?

What are the main advantages of online shopping in the US with Shopfans?

Imagine you’re browsing Amazon site and stumble upon a really great dress, or the latest cool gadget. You pick it, get out your credit card, and click «buy.» And that’s when you realize that Amazon doesn’t ship this item internationally and/or the shipping cost to your doorsteps is too high. With Shopfans you can buy any item on Amazon as if you are located  in the US. We offer you two shipping addresses in the United States. These are secure warehouses that you can send your orders to — one in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware.

In Pennsylvania there is NO sales tax on clothing and shoes.
In Delaware there is NO sales tax on accessories, toys, books, or electronics.

When you buy from Amazon you are paying for the goods, sales tax, and for international delivery which can be very costly if you add it up. Shopfans offers you the chance to order from many different stores and consolidate them all into one sturdy box to significantly cut those delivery costs. It is much cheaper to send one large, heavy package, than many small, light ones.

On top of the above advantages,  Shopfans global shipping methods are much cheaper compared to direct delivery options provided by Amazon vendors.

What is my shipping address in the US?

Upon registration at Shopfans, each customer receives their shipping address in the US. You will be using this address at checkouts when placing orders at Amazon.

An important part of the address is a suite (STE), your virtual “apartment” located in the United States. A STE number is unique; it helps Shopfans warehouse staff to correctly identify the owner of the incoming purchases.

Note: Your Shopfans address is not a PO BOX address.

What shipping options are you offering?

Our customers from Australia can take advantage of Shopfans Australia Mail with average delivery time of 10 days and no dimensional weight surcharges.

You can estimate shipping costs by entering weight and dimensions of the package you would like to ship into Shopfans online shipping calculator. We suggest that you try to estimate shipping costs before placing your orders at Amazon. If you are unsure about the weight and the shipping dimensions of the desired item(s), you can search it on Google or check if the item is listed on Amazon (usually Amazon listings have all necessary shipping information in the description section).

How much does it cost to use Shopfans services?

The prices are as follows:

Create an account — $0
Monthly fee — $0
Consolidation — $0
Storage — $0 for 75 days (purchases) and $0 for 14 days (consolidated shipments)
Trasferring orders between suites — $0.
Incoming packages processing ($3 for packages under 1.3kg = 3lbs, $5 for packages over 1.3kg = 3lbs)
Shipping cost — To find it out, please refer to Shopfans shipping calculator

Some additional services you may want to use:

Keep postal box (for extremely fragile items): $0
Remove catalogues (invoices) — $0
Remove shoe boxes — $2 per incoming purchase
Plastic bag for additional protection — $3
Vacuum packaging — $0.50 for 1lbs (1 lbs=450 grams).
Insurance $3 for every $100 declared

Note: All prices are in US Dollars

Other fees:
PayPal – 3.6%
Visa/Mastercard – 3.5%

Do you offer free storage at your warehouse?

Enjoy free warehouse storage of all your orders. At our warehouse, we offer free storage for all your purchases that haven’t been consolidated yet and incoming orders from US online stores for 75 days, and consolidated shipments for 14 days. All this is free of charge.

We will send you a reminder when the above terms expire. If you need extra storage time, you can contact us, and we will provide you with few more days of warehouse storage for free.

How long will it take to deliver the parcel?

Delivery time usually depend on the chosen shipping method and destination country/city. Parcels  sent via DHL get delivered faster than parcels sent with other delivery companies, that is up to 5 days. Parcels that are sent via Airmail are usually the slowest, and get delivered within 2-3 weeks. You can find out the exact delivery times in our calculator.

Is there a monthly fee if I open an account at Shopfans?

There is no sign-up or subscription fee, or any other type of monthly fee, and no minimum balance requirements. You also don’t need to wait for approval or provide any documents or credit card details upon registration. You can start shopping right after the registration!

Find our detailed pricing here

How long does it take to process my orders?

Processing of all orders includes receipt and registration of new incoming packages, re-packing and shipping out the packed parcel. Registration of new orders takes on average 1 business day after the package had been delivered. Oftentimes, registration only takes 4-5 hours. Consolidation and shipping together take another 1.5 days.

What are prohibited goods?

List of Prohibited Goods for Shipping

Any flammable liquids or powders
• Antiques
• Aerosols
• Air Bags
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Ammunition
• Cigarettes or other tobacco products
• Dry Ice
• Explosives, including fireworks
• Gasoline
• Glues, paints
• Lithium batteries outside devices
• Matches
• Money, currency notes, coins, securities of any kind
• Nail Polish
• Perfumes (containing alcohol)
• Perishable items
• Poison
• Prescription drugs
• Precious stones in any form and condition, natural diamonds, with the exception of jewelry
• Radioactive materials
• Seditious literature
• Seeds and parts of plants
• Thermometers containing mercury
• Used bedding
• Weapons and parts
• Other goods that are prohibited according to UPU regulations

Please also read Important Export Policy and Export Restrictions 

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