Receiving orders at warehouse

Who will receive and sign for my packages at Shopfans warehouse?

Several Shopfans employees are responsible for accepting incoming orders. At the Delaware warehouse your packages will be signed for by Kam and Wright. At the Pennsylvania Shopfans warehouse Kam Puth, Christian Mojica, Elving Pagan, Melinda Ouch, Santos, Vinnie Son, Ricky, Neille, and Bill will take care of your incoming orders.

If you tracked your order and it looks like some other individuals signed for your package and within 24 hrs your order hasn’t appeared in your account, we recommend to contact our Customer Service team.

How does Shopfans process incoming orders?

We identify all incoming orders that arrive at our warehouse by their suite number, i.e. a unique account number of each of our customers, a part of U.S. address that customers receive upon registration at our website and provide to online stores during checkout.

Order tracking numbers that customers enter into the system when registering the purchase also help us to identify owners of each arriving package. Don’t forget to register each order if you want to get it quicker! After a package has been identified, we weigh and label it. Next, the package gets sent to our storage. This is when we notify you about the arrival of your order.

Can you chek-in my order on a priority basis?

Q.: Can you process/register my order on a priority basis?

A.: Unfortunately, we can’t check-in our incoming order as a priority. All incoming orders arrive in bulk, and it is nearly impossible to find a particular order among others and register it on a priority basis. All incoming orders get checked in on a first come, first served basis when they arrive at the warehouse. On average,  processing time for incoming purchases is less then 24 hours.

Order is not showing in the account. What shall I do?

Worried about why your order is not showing in the account? It may take up to 24 hours for your order to be processed after it had been physically delivered to the warehouse.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an email advising on what store the order arrived from, weight, and provide you with the tracking number. The status of your incoming order will change to “Arrived”.

For USPS packages please allow 2 more days, cause USPS employees change the status to «Delivered» when a package is being delivered to the local post office that serves our zip code, but not to Shopfans warehouse.

Please make sure that the order was delivered to the right address:

For Pennsylvania, it should say FOLCROFT, PA (sometimes it will be delivered to SHARON HILL, PA which is one town over and will be brought to our warehouse with a small delay).
For Delaware, it should say WILMINGTON, DE.

*Please remember that both our warehouses are is closed on weekends, so if an attempt was made to deliver your order on Saturday or Sunday, the post office will try again on Monday morning.

Our business hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 am till 3:30-5:30 pm, depending on the season.

Delivery is scheduled on a weekend. What will happen to my order?

If you tracked your order, and it looks like it has been scheduled for a weekend delivery, don’t worry. Normally delivery companies operate during same business hours as us, therefore, your order will be delivered on a Monday. In certain cases such as re-delivery your order might arrive on a Tuesday.

Why does the weight of my order vary from the tracking info?

Oftentimes shippers provide not the actual weight of the item but the weight category (e.g. 1-3 kg). Next, carriers may use this estimated weight provided by the shipper for their records. We weigh all packages upon arrival using accurate and precise scales. USPS officers check the accuracy of our warehouse scales on a weekly basis, therefore, we guarantee that information about the weight of your item is accurate.

What if the store sent my order in multiple shipments?

Sometimes Amazon may send one order in multiple shipments either because some items are not available (back-ordered) on the day of shipment or because items are located in different warehouses.

We recommend registering each order you are expecting. To register your order enter the order number (same number for all packages) and all tracking numbers provided in the shipping confirmations.

Can you receive my magazines/letters/catalogues?

Yes, absolutely, just remember to notify us in advance by contacting customer support, so that we don’t dispose of these  items while packing your orders. Please keep in mind that on a daily basis we receive hundreds of printed materials, therefore, we cannot guarantee that you particular letter/magazine/catalogue won’t get lost.

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