Processing orders at warehouse

I ordered multiple items, can I consolidate several items in one parcel?

You can consolidate several items and ship them in one parcel. In order to do that, simply go to your account, select the items you want to consolidate, select address, insurance amount (optional) and delivery method and click on Pack Shipment if you want your parcel to be packed right away or on Save Draft if you would like to edit it later.

During consolidation we will remove seller’s packaging. However, we will keep manufacturer’s packaging unless you instruct us to remove it to minimize shipping cost. We securely wrap fragile items and toys in bubble wrap.

Keep in mind when choosing method of delivery that we will use shipping boxes based on carrier’s size & weight limitations. Items that do not fit in one box will be returned to the warehouse storage.

What are weight and size limits for parcels?

The maximum dimensions and weight for parcels depend on the method of delivery:

  • Priority Mail Express: max. length — 105 cm, length+girth — 200 cm, weight — 29.9 kg
  • Priority USPS: max. length — 91 cm, length+girth — 200 cm, weight — 29.9 kg
  • DHL Australia: max. length & length+girth — unlimited, weight — 68 kg
  • Shopfans Australia Mail: max. length — 105 cm, length+girth — 140 cm, weight — 19.9 kg
  • Airmail: max length — 24 inches, max value — $200, max weight — 2kg

    Please make sure to carefully read all information you see in your account when preparing the parcel for shipment to avoid disappointments.

    If you are unsure whether your are able to ship your item using the shipping method you selected, we recommend to contact the seller and confirm shipping dimensions of the item before placing your order.

How to remove shoe boxes, catalogs, etc. from the parcel?

If you want to reduce the weight of your item by removing shoe boxes, free catalogs, invoices etc., make sure to select this additional option when preparing your order for shipment in your Shopfans account.


NOTE: Don’t forget to request pictures of promo codes and vouchers that seller might include in your order.

You can also request:

— Keep postal box (for extremely fragile items). Usually it’s not necessary since we use only new sturdy boxes, bubble wrap for fragile items and protective tape for all packages. All packaging materials are free for customers.
— Remove shoe boxes
— Plastic bag for additional protection
— Vacuum packaging: allows to reduce volume dramatically (think DHL, where you are paying for dimensional weight).

Shopfans packing/ What boxes does Shopfans use to pack my goods?

Shopfans packing is something we are very proud of! We use 23 types of sturdy boxes of different shapes and sizes to comply with the requirements of all delivery companies we work with. The weight of a box will be included in the total weight of your parcel. The bigger the box, the heavier it is.

The smallest box weighs between 0.3 — 0.5 lb whilst the heaviest carton weighs on average up to 5.5-8 lb.



For oversized items Shopfans packers can use individually made boxes.


Special requests for packers

Let’s say, you would like a certain item to be very carefully packed or you want to put all phones in one box, place a small suitcase in a bigger suitcase or pack cosmetics in separate plastic bags. All you need to do is email us your special request. Don’t forget to put «Notes for Packer» in the subject line.

Make sure you request this option before your parcels is scheduled for packing or while your parcel still has a «Draft» status. If you parcel is already being processed, we won’t be able to assist you with any special requests.  Note: Don’t send you parcel to consolidation until you get notification from our customer service that your note has been actioned.

At what stage can I make changes to the shipment ?

The below explains the stages at which you can or cannot make changes to the shipment.

Status Content Insurance Delivery address Shipment Method Manifest
Payment Required

If you would like to change the composition of your parcel, i.e. to add new items, remove or move items across to another parcel, you can use «Postpone consolidation» option.

Parcel’s/Shipment’s Statuses in Details

During its’ time at our warehouse, you will see the following shipment’s statuses in your account:

«New Box»

This status means that you have added orders to your new shipment and saved them in your account. You can still add/remove purchases, change the shipment method and address, and add packing options.


This status means that you have created a new shipment and the warehouse has received your instructions. At this stage you are still able to make adjustments.


The warehouse has begun consolidating your orders. Your purchases will be collected, packed, and then registered as one large shipment. At this stage you CAN’T make any changes or cancel your shipment. You can, however, purchase insurance.

Note: Shopfans packers use scanners to make sure all items in your parcel are packed correctly.

Shopfans packers use this scanner to make sure that all items are packed correctly

«On Hold»

This status indicates that there may be a problem with your shipment. We will send you a message if you have prohibited goods, some of the items arrived broken/spilled, or you need to change the service due to size/weight limits.


Your shipment has been packed and registered. At this stage you should double check that all information about shipment address and weight is correct. You will also be able to see if some of your orders did not fit onto one box due to weight/size limits. We are waiting for you to click «Ship».

«Payment Required»

If you pressed «Pack and Ship» without having enough funds on your account, you will see this status. Just transfer required amount to your account and press «Ship».


Your box is packed, registered, and paid for. This status means that your shipment is ready to be sent out in the next batch and we are preparing all necessary documents.


Your box has been transferred to the post office or to the courier company and is on its’ way to you! Congratulations! You will receive a tracking number within 24 hours.

What happens if I request to consolidate prohibited goods?

Please note that if you purchase an item from the list of prohibited goods, Shopfans will not be able to ship it to you. Our experienced packers would remove all prohibited items from the parcel. We will send you an email advising that your item had been seizures and give you two weeks to arrange a return to seller after which we will dispose of your item.

How to postpone consolidation?

If you decided to change composition of your parcel, i.e. to add new items, remove or move items across to another parcel, you are able to postpone consolidation of your parcel. You can postpone consolidation of one order for $5 regardless of its weight. However, you will have to resubmit customs declaration for all orders after the package appears in your account as an incoming order.

In case you want to postpone consolidation of two or more orders, you will have to pay for processing of all orders. For example, if you decided to put on hold consolidation of one parcel that consist of three orders (3.1 lb, 14 oz. and 2 lb), be prepared to pay $11 ($5+ $3+$3 accordingly).

In order to use the above option, email us at

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