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Why do I need two addresses in different states?

In the United States, there is no uniform GST or VAT, and amount of tax a buyer will pay depends on the individual state. In case of online shopping, the amount of tax depends on the state where the goods are shipped to and adds 7-10% (and up to 15% for goods that are considered luxury).

Now good news:

Our warehouse is located in Pennsylvania, where there is no tax on clothes and shoes.
We also have a receiving center in Delaware with no sales tax at all!

So you can ship clothes, shoes and most orders directly to Pennsylvania and electronics, cosmetics, home goods, etc. to Delaware and pay no US sales tax whatsoever!

Folcroft Warehouse Wilmington Warehouse

What is my US shipping address?

You can find your US shipping address, i.e. the warehouse address where you will ship your purchases to, on our website. Simply login to your Shopfans account to find out more. Upon registration on our website, you’ll receive two addresses: one in Pennsylvania and in Delaware.

In Pennsylvania there is no tax on clothes and shoes.
In Delaware there are no sales tax at all.

An example of how your US addresses look like (Remember that STE number is unique for each customer. For instance, this customer’s STE number is 343051):


What is STE number?

STE (Suite) — an important part of you shipping address, figuratively speaking, it’s your apartment number at Shopfans warehouse. Each STE number is unique. By STE number we determine who is the owner of the package. Shipping address with your STE number must be specified when placing orders with Amazon.

Shopfans STE

Can several people use the same suite?

In order to save on shipping, you can team up with your friends and family members and share the same STE number at Shopfans warehouse. According to our clients, when several people use the same suite, their shopping experience becomes much more fun!

You can add as many names on the account as needed. We won’t charge you for that. However, they must be real persons. Using fake names is strictly prohibited.

Keep in mind that in some cases you as a primary account holder might be required to provide additional documents such as ID, invoices for your online purchases, proof of payments, etc. We can request the same documentation from the person who the owner of the account shares the suite with.

What if Amazon changed my shipping address?

If Amazon automatically changed (deleted) the second line of your shipping address, try to fit the entire address in the first line. Most likely it will work.

If Amazon system automatically tries to change the street address from «Crossing» to «Xing» or the zip code from «19032» to «190322011» (or «19032-2011») for your US address in Folcroft, no need to worry. The purchase will get delivered to our warehouse without any problems. The most important thing is to make sure that your suite number is included.

If you are sending the purchase to our warehouse in Delaware and the store’s system changes Circle to CIR, accept it. If the store’s system tries to change the zip «19804» to «19804-1618», you can accept the changes as well- this will not affect the delivery of your purchase.

What happens after the order is paid for?

After you pay for your order, the following will happen:

1. Your bank will confirm the payment from your credit card
2. Amazon will send you an order confirmation with a list of purchased items, their total price, and the shipping address
3. Within 1-2 days (sometimes more) Amazon will pick all your items at its warehouse(s) and send it to Shopfans warehouse
4. Amazon will email you the shipping confirmation; this email is very important as it will provide a tracking number for you to check your package across the US.

On the page where you can enter your tracking number you can also check the weight of the package and compare it with the weight that will appear in your Shopfans account after it arrives at our warehouse.

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

Order route to Shopfans warehouse

To avoid delays during registration we recommend to register the tracking number in your account as soon as you receive shipment confirmation.

Finally, if you see that the tracking information states that the package has been delivered to our warehouse but it hasn’t appeared in your account within 24 hours, please contact us right away!

How to add Amazon order to the account?

If you want to add a new order, follow these steps:

On the main website page press “Add New Store Order” button:

Enter the name of the store in the box, the tracking number and an approximate weight of your order. This will help to register your package much quicker as the tracking number will automatically link the order to a particular suite number. Please make sure that the tracking number is correct.


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