Extra services

Photos of incoming orders

Learn how to request photos of incoming orders

If you want to make sure the seller sent exactly what you had ordered and that all purchased items are not defected, etc.,  you can request  photos of incoming orders as an extra service. Shopfans staff can take one or more pictures of your items depending on the quantity of the items in the order. You will be charged a flat rate  regardless of the number of the pictures.

You can request photos directly from your account — just look out for a little camera symbol on the right hand side of each order.


Simply select the right order, click on the  camera symbol, pick the type of photo you require and click on «Submit» button.

There are 4 types of picture requests you might need:

Address label — $1
Invoice — $1
Discount codes, coupons (for example, Gymbucks) — $1
Contents of the whole package (one or more photos) — $3.

The photos will be uploaded to your account within 24 hours  (excluding weekends). Keep in mind that once the order is sent to the consolidation, this option will become unavailable.
Sometimes you might need to save taken at the warehouse photos without losing their quality. It’s easy, just follow steps from our gif instruction.

*Note: We cannot check or verify contents of your orders.

Return a purchase or part of a purchase

How to return a purchase

*Returns are available only for purchases that have not been consolidated yet.

You can ask Shopfans to  return a purchase on your behalf by emailing us at help@shopfans.com with the subject «Return/Partial Return» and the purchase number (or a tracking number).

  1. Please check the store policy on returns before requesting return. If the store offers a prepaid shipping label, this will cost you extra $8. A prepaid shipping label can be found in the original order, in your store account, or must be requested from the seller. Please attach the label as a .jpg, .doc, or .pdf in your emai.
  2. If we need to create a shipping label, we will charge you  $10 + UPS Ground shipping (starting from $15 and depending on weight and destination)
  3. Please send us the store’s return address.

** If you are receiving a shipping label from Amazon, please choose «UPS Drop-off», NOT «UPS pickup»

For partial returns (this also applies if you need to combine 2 or more purchases into 1) there is an additional fee based on the weight of the purchase:

1 – 10 lbs — $3
11 – 20 lbs — $5
21 – 30 lbs — $10
31 + lbs — $15
So, if you need to return 2 items from a purchase that weighs 10 pounds, the return price will be $10+$3+UPS Ground shipping (about $15).

IMPORTANT! If the return is not paid for within  7 days, we will be forced to VOID the shipment and donate the items to charity.

Shipping optimisation: divide incoming purchase into several packages

How to divide incoming purchase?

To request this service, please email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject «Divide incoming purchase» and the purchase number.

  • Dividing small packages that weight LESS than 20 lbs:

Electronics and clothing (2-10 items) — $8 for every new part

Clothing (more than 10 items) — $8 for every new part (division of items is done randomly)

Therefore, dividing one package into two new purchases will cost $8, one into three -$16, one into four — $24…

  • Dividing incoming purchases that weigh over 20 lbs:

20 – 30 lbs — $10 per part
31 – 40 lbs — $15 per part
41 – 50 lbs — $20 per part
51 – 60 lbs — $30 per part

* We reserve the right to make price corrections depending on the difficulty of the division
** Please keep in mind that we do not divide products that require special tools

Vacuum packaging: learn how to save on shipping an protect your parcel

Vacuum packaging for Shopfans customers

Vacuum packaging is a method used by Shopfans to remove air from the package prior to sealing the box. Upon your request, our packers will make sure that you your item is packed in vacuum to reduce shipping costs and protect your valuable items from damage during shipping to Australia.

Vacuum packaging allows you to dramatically reduce the volume of your shipment (ideal for DHL shipping method, where you are paying for dimensional weight). It is best to vacuum pack plush toys, winter clothes, pillows, and blankets.Vacuum packaging provides 100% protection from moisture, therefore, it’s ideal for shipping items that might get destroyed on the way if the box gets wet, such as electroniccs. You can also request adding valuable items, gadgets etc. to the vacuum package.

Service cost: $ 0.50 per 1 pound (1 lbs = 450 grams) of items.

To order this service email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject «Vacuum packaging». This must be done BEFORE you hit «pack» button to consolidate your orders. Please include the order number that contains items for vacuum packaging and describe which things you want to pack. After you receive a response from one of our representatives, you can pack your box.

I ordered a prohibited item. How to remove an item from the shipment?

How to remove an item from the shipment

If you ordered something that you were not supposed to, don’t panic. You can remove an item from the shipment before we ship your parcel to you.  The service is mostly required for clients who did not familiarize themselves with the list of prohibited items or other shipping regulations for the chosen shipping method before placing the order.

If you wish to remove an item from the shipment, please email us at help@shopfans.com including «Remove an item from the shipment» in the subject line. Also, don’t forget to mention the shipment number and what items (description and quantity) you would like to take out. Please also attach photos of the items to avoid confusion.

The cost of the service depends on the weight of the packed shipment (consolidation) from which the items need to be removed:

0 – 10 lbs — $10
11 – 20 lbs — $20
21 – 30 lbs — $30
31 – 40 lbs — $40
41 – 50 lbs — $50
51 – 60 lbs — $60
61 – 70 lbs — $70

* This service may also be used to decrease the weight and/or size of your shipment.

** Please be advised that in some cases it may be required to deconsolidate your shipment, divide it, and then re-pack it at the warehouse (for oversized boxes).

How to divide a parcels when the package is returned by Customs

When returned parcels need to be divided

Unfortunately, sometimes customs authorities may deem a parcel commercial shipment due to a large number of items in one box, similar items etc., and return such parcel to the sender (in your case, Shopfans warehouse). Don’t panic: we know how to divide returned parcels into several small packages and ship your purchases to Australia without complications.

How division of  parcels work

Dividing returned parcels  is service mainly for clients whose shipment returned to the Shopfans warehouse because of a «commercial shipment status» notification from the customs of the destination country.

The price for dividing returned parcels by Shopfans is determined by the weight of the returned parcels:

0-10 lbs — $5
11-20 lbs — $10
21-30 lbs — $20
31-40 lbs — $30
41-50 lbs — $40
51-60 lbs — $50
61-70 lbs — $60

*Please keep in mind that division of returned parcels that weigh more than 10 lbs will be done randomly (not by item description).

Shopfans Insurance — Protect your shipment

Get Shopfans Insurance to protect your parcel

For a piece of mind we recommend to insure your parcel before you send it to the long journey across the ocean.

You can get Shopfans insurance for your parcel in the amount of up to $1000. The amount of premium for each $100 equals $3. The amount of insurance cannot exceed the total (estimated) amount of all items in the parcel.

Shopfans insurance only covers loss of parcel (i.e. if the parcel hasn’t been deliver to the addressee within 3 months from the shipment date). The parcel will be deemed delivered if it has one of the following statuses in the USPS system:

«Delivered», «Delivered Abroad», At Foreign Delivery Unit», «Attempted Delivery Abroad» or “Customs clearance processing complete”
Shopfans insurance doesn’t cover damage to a parcel or certain items in a parcel as well as if a parcel has been seized at the customs or shipped to the wrong address.

If you have insurance and your parcel was not delivered within 3 months, email us at help@shopfans.com and include your tracking number. If your parcel is lost, we will refund you within 15 business days.

Shopfans does not assist in receiving insurance cover from USPS.

File a claim for lost USPS shipment

In the rare and unfortunate event that you do not receive your shipment in the allotted time frame, and the tracking information has not been updated for some time, we (as the sender) are able to file a claim on your behalf.

To request this service, please email us at help@shopfans.com with the subject «File a USPS claim»

Cost — $8 per phone call

*You can file a claim BEFORE the shipment is imported into the destination country. Please provide us with the following information:

Tracking number

Recipient’s full name

Recipient’s full address (including zip code)

Recipient’s telephone number

List of goods and quantity of goods (you may generalize)

The value of all goods

The delivery price (please do NOT include the warehouse services!!)

Shipment weight

Date of dispatch

For more information or to file a claim yourself, please refer to the USPS site: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm



*The phone call and/or claim does not guarantee that your shipment will be found, but usually USPS just needs a little push to get your package to you.

* Shopfans can not give you any specific answer on the delivery terms since USPS does not provide us with such deadlines.

* Shopfans doesn’t obtain compensation from USPS for parcels being lost and/or misdelivered and for any delays occurred. We recommend insuring each shipment in the unlikely event something does happen to your goods.

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