Before placing an order

Why use Shopfans if Amazon provides international shipping?

Although Amazon offers international shipping for many items it usually does not offer international delivery for all items listed. For those where international shipping is available you may notice that in most cases it’s still cheaper to use Shopfans to ship internationally.

Shipping of multiple items in one box is cheaper

Usually it’s cheaper to ship from US to Australia one large and heavy package than several light ones. When shipping your purchases to Shopfans warehouse you pay for delivery only once, i.e. when paying for your large consolidated box. So, team up with your friends and family members and save!

Tip: you can transfer packages from one Suite to another at no cost at all! Cooperation has never been easier.

Shopfans international shipping rates are lower

Last but not least, international shipping options provided by Amazon’s vendors are higher than shipping rates we offer. This is because we get the best rates from our partner delivery companies due to large amount of shipments.

What if Amazon does not accept my Australian credit card?

If the Amazon does not accept your Australian credit card, please contact a Shopfans representative who will be willing to help you. The best way to contact us is via live chat. In most cases, we will be able to help you to find out at which stage of the payment process the money got stuck when you tried to pay for your item.

If that does not work, and you are still not able to make a purchase with your Australian credit card, the only option is to use a private shopping assistant who will place the order on your behalf using their American credit card.


For your reference, we have contacts of a trusted agent — see details below. The agent can place the order(s) according to your instructions using her American credit card(s) if the store does not accept yours and get the orders shipped directly to Shopfans warehouse.

*Please note that this contact is for our reference only

Yulia Patriacca
Yulia Patriacca is shopping assistant who can help you to pay for your orders.

Send your order with direct links and needed parameters for each item (size, color, etc.) to

Write in subject line: only bank — shopfans

Commission: 4% of total amount, but not less than $15 from one store and not less than $1 per item.

Only PayPal payments are accepted.

Skype: Patriacca

Can I ship bulky, large or heavy items?

It is possible to  ship bulky and large and/or heavy items if the shipment method you had selected allows this.

To certain bulky items that occupy a lot of aircraft space volumetric weight rule might  be applied by the shipping courier to work out the cost of the shipping. For example, DHL would apply large package surcharge if the dimensional weight of your parcel is bigger than the actual weight.

Most of delivery companies use their own formulas to calculate volumetric/dimensional weight. We recommend that you contact us to inquire about  shipping calculation methods of the carrier you would like to use to ship bulky, large or heavy items.

If you are unsure whether you are able to ship your item using the shipping method you selected, we recommend to contact the seller and confirm shipping dimensions of the item before placing your order.

Oftentimes you can find this information on the website of the online store you buy from. For example, Amazon always provides information on shipping weight and dimensions of all items.

Tip. Even if you are not buying on Amazon,  we recommend to use their website to confirm weight and dimensions of a product you’re planning to purchase on another website.  Find the product on Amazon and simply click on Product Details under the Product Description to find  information about dimensions and weight of the item .  



How to avoid sales tax in the US when shopping online?

Shopfans allows you to legally avoid sales tax in the US

Legally avoid sales tax in the Unites States and save even more on shopping with Shopfans!

What makes Shopfans unique is the fact that we  have two storage facilities  in two different US states. This allows our customers to take advantage of local tax exemption and avoid sales tax. As a result, Shopfans customers who are able to avoid sales tax in the US typically save up to 10% when compared to online shoppers who use our competitors.

Shopfans warehouses (i.e. your Shopfans address)  are located in following states:

Pennsylvania: We recommend sending clothing and shoes to this warehouse since these items are tax-free here.

Delaware: This state is fully tax-free, so you can ship any items to this warehouse and avoid sales tax.

Shopfans warehouses are located less than an hour driving distance  from each other. Items that arrive at Delaware are usually moved  the same day to the main warehouse in Folcroft, Pennsylvania.

You can combine all your orders in one parcel, no matter which warehouse they have initially been delivered to. This does not affect the cost or the speed of delivery.

Are Australian sizes same as American sizes?

Remember: Australian and American sizes of shoes and clothes are not the same!

Planning on buying some clothes or shoes in the US? Shopping clothes and shoes online on US websites can be frustrating if you don’t know how to convert American sizes to Australian.

Need some help figuring out which clothes size you are? Confused about international conversion charts? We made this easy for you!

Try Shopfans Calculator to find out what your estimated US size is. For  more precise sizing we recommend using a manufacturer’s (store’s)  size chart. For example, take a look at Jcrew size chart.

Another great resource for finding a correct size is a large online store 6pm. This website not only shows what real size the model on the photo wears and provides body measurements (just click on the last photo)  but also has a very useful Measurement Guide.

Make sure you know your US clothes and shoe size before placing your order as American sizes can be confusing!


Can I ship flammable liquids and aerosols e.g. perfumes, nail polishes etc.?

Shipping of flammable liquids such as perfumes, nail polishes, hair sprays, dry shampoos, etc. by air is prohibited.  Therefore, Shopfans do not ship these goods to Australia. Please keep this in mind before placing your online order.

View the full list of prohibited for shipping items.

If you’re not sure whether the item you want to buy is considered prohibited/restricted, please contact Shopfans first and provide the link to the product you wish to purchase.



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